March 8, 2011

Let's See It Together!

I was on the hallway about to enter the ICU where I am assigned and the voice of Mel kept on playing over and over again to my ears when we had a conversation at his car earlier:

"ask him out already...ang bagal mo!"

He was referring to R.A his new colleague and my new crush-crushie hehe. I kinda like his nerdy-virginal-soft spoken-character and dark skinned too! Damn! I have so many adjective for him!hehehe.

I like him. As in so much that I'm almost thinking of him every day. I'm just not sure if he likes me too or if he likes straight guys or gay guys too! Its hard to read him!

Its been a few days since I showed interest in him. But I still haven't gone far at all! All I did was to make smile and make-pacute at him and invited him at my face book and had a few chat!

I took a deep breath and spotted him immediately at patient number 3...its his patient I assumed. I didn't go at him yet, instead I went to check on patient number 1...took my time till patient number 2 and when I'm about to see his patient number 3, he's already facing me and was giving me something on his hand....

"hey, here's the pen that I promised to give you..." he said smiling. Oh my gosh, I was about to melt. I mean, I almost forgot that i asked for that same pen like 4 days ago, but here he is still honoring that promise...*kilig*

"thank you! you remembered!" I said and kept the pen to my pocket. and thought: I won't use this pen ever and will kiss it goodnight everytime! Chos!

"of course". he said and went back to his paper works.

I continued on my rounds and Mel whispered "did you invited him out already?"

"not yet! atat ka?sasama ka sa lakad?!" and we laughed together.

When I finally got the chance to approach him alone, I took a deep breath and started a conversation:

"you know what, I hated my friends..."

"huh? why is that?"

"I was asking them since last week to see a movie on I-max, but they didn't say yes, but I found out they saw it yesterday when I was at duty! Imagine!" this is actually a true story haha I didnt make it up, but decided to use the situation on my favor.

"wow I-max. What movie you wanted to see?" he asked.

"The Green Hornet."

"hey that's still new! I've heard some good reviews about it."

I saw the excitement from his eyes. Hmmm, I think he likes the idea of going to see a movie. This is good. I took a deep breath once again and said the magic words:

"Come with me, lets see it together..." I nervously laughed and tap his shoulders for some reason that I don't know! LOL and I just walked away from him and see other patient's chart without knowing his answer!

Grrrrrrr! Stupid! Stupid!

When I calmed down and back to my relaxed self again. I approached him once again and sat in front of his table. Tutukan ko na toh! LOL

I saw Gil, his preceptor (his teacher since R.A is only new to the job) which is my friend by the way. I secretly sent him away from us so that I could have R.A for myself alone!

"so R.A, what now? come lets watch The Green Hornet this weekend"

"where do they have the Imax here?"

"At the villagio".

"How much is the entrance?"

"not that much... I think around 55 riyals"


"kuripot mo!"

"hahaha I haven't have my paycheck yet Mac. So technically I'm still poor!" and we both laugh at his remarks. When I looked around I saw Mel, Gil and Ate Luz watching us with a giant silent teasing smile on their face! natawa ako sa itsura nila!

I was about to say that the date is on me, that's when his monitors started alarming. He got so busy that I was left hanging again!


When I approached ate Luz she said: "o ano, napasagot mo na ba?" (did he say yes?) with a voice so loud that R.A might hear at the other side!!!

shhhhhhhh!!! wag ka maingay!!!


soltero said...

OH SHUCKS AHAHHA... nagdadalaga! bwahhaha...

sabihin mo, "ok cge, this one's on me muna since nagpapasama ako sa iyo manood" ahahhaa..para di dyahe na gusto mo tlaga syang ilibre.

dali na! wag na magpatumpik tumpik! ahahhaa :P

Louie said...

Ang mga the moves Mac! Winner! Haha! Goodluck kay R.A. :)

jayps said...

ang slow naman kasi. hablutin na si kuya at dalhin sa sinehan! haha ha

Mac Callister said...

@soltero--welcome back tomy blog!haha. nag busy na kasi siya sa patient nya di ko na tuloy na follow up kakainis nga e!

@louie--haha torpedo pa nga ako e! turuan mo nga ako!

Mac Callister said...

@jayps--sensiya na mahiyain ang lolo mo e haha! at saka di ko siya mabasa ng maigi if he likes me or not!

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

gow mac!! ahahaha

Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--mailap siya e,hinay hinay lang ako baka masyado mapreskuhan sakin e!LOL

Nishiboy said...

nahahalata ka ba niya o hindi?

KikomaxXx said...

o ayan ha sagutin mo na kasi para may jowa ka na para ako nalang single wahehhee

Nimmy said...

ang witty mo sis! panalo!!!!! :)

Virex said...

kinilig naman ako.. na wet ako sa sobrang kilig.. hehe.. go na go na go!! ganda mo teh!!! hehe.. im looking forward to your next post.. sana ikuwento mo yung sagot nya..

KUMAGCOW said...

Back to work please... asikasuhin ang mga patients hahaha

marvin said...

nanliligaw??? dalaga na c sabel! nireregla na! syet! hahaha! galingan mu mac! cheer ka nmen! :))

Ming Meows said...

never say die ang drama teh

Mac Callister said...

@nishiboy--di naman siguro siya manhid or baka nga?LOL

@kiko--hahaha if i know kabi kabila ang booking mo jan LOL!

@nimmy--salamat ateh nimmy! :-)

@virex--hahaha wet talaga ha!oo hayaan mo pag sinagot ko kwnto ko sau

@kumag--hahaha puro landi ba?

@marvin--anu ka ba di lang niregla naagasan na nga e!LOL

@ming--yeah tumpak ka jan hehe

Mr. Chan said...


nagdadalaga si MAC! :D

Good Luck!

Dennisonchai22 said...

nice, kilig nmn . hehe