March 12, 2011

And Then He Said Yes!!!

For a few days I kept on flirting with R.A, I've been extra sweet, spending extra time talking at him even though I have nothing else to do at the ICU, been throwing jokes about going out and etc, I'm sure he gets it, unless MANHID siya noh!

Then I went to London for 4 days without telling him, and then when I came back Gil told me that when he asked R.A about me this question: "so how are you and mac?" and he told me, R.A replied with this: "he's always missing", that's the time Gil told him "tange, he's in London, you didn't know?"

It made me smile, so, he misses me after all!

And as I soon as I went online on Face book, he started chatting with me:

"Hello, bigla nalang nawala... Yun pala natuloy sa lugar na sinasabi niyang pupuntahan niya"
(hello, you've been gone, and found out you went to that place you're talkin about)

"hahaha, hey! I'm back!"

"walang pasalubong?" he teased
(no souvenir for me?)

"of course, I have! I'll give it to you later"

When we got to see each other, i handed him this big chain made of silver with a print on its heart: I love London. I bought it specially for him. Without him knowing that it has another partner on my keeping...hehehe! hindi niya alam mag jowang bear yun!

"aw shit! May puso pa talaga ha..." Gil teased me and pointed the red heart on the bear I gave to R.A. I knew R.A noticed it too, but I just played innocent. Deadma

I've been trying to hide my feelings towards him, as my friend advised me, that i shall not reveal my true feelings so easily to a guy I like, no matter how much I like him, that I should play hard to get too LOL! So days have passed that our scheds didn't match and we're not able to see each other but I sent an sms message on him once...

When he saw me online at FB he said:

"hello, anong duty? Di ata kita nakikita sa hospital a..."
(hello, what's your duty? How come I havent seen you at the hospital lately?)

"Sungit mo kaya sa text kahapon.." I said
(you we're snobbish yesterday when I text you)

"ah, yeah, I was not in the mood. Work problem. I wanna transfer to another hospital"

"what! you're planning to leave me without going out on a date with me first?LOL!" I can't believe that I really typed the word DATE! waaaaah!

"LOL ka rin"

That's it! that's his fuckin reply to what I just said! Grrrrr!

He's been chatting with me every now and then when ever he sees me online, which I must admit gave a wide smile on my me hope, that maybe, maybe...arghhhh! I don't wanna expect anything! F*ck!

But his message yesterday almost made me fell on my chair:

"hello, kelan ka manlilibre?"
(hello, when are you gonna treat me for dinner?)

Pakshet! I used to say those words at him! And this time, he's throwing that line back at me!!! taena! I wanna scream and shout to the world that R.A is finally asking me out!!!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

"Ikaw lang naman ayaw e...kelan ka off?"
(I'm just waiting for you to say yes.When is your day off?)


"Ok, saturday then..."



the immigayrant said...

Nice! Thanks for the english subtitle!

Mac Callister said...

@the immigrant--haha yeah i thought you might visit again so i provided u a translation!

Ming Meows said...

pagkakataon mo na teh, gayumahin mo para iyung-iyo na!

Echos Erita said...

kinikilig ako! parang teenager lang ang pagkakilig ko. parang first love. charot!

nakakarelate din aketch kasi pahard to get din akey. apir!

yan tuloy pumapalakpak sa tuwa ang labia majora at minora ko. pati clitotis kong 5.5 inches yumuyugyog. LOL

aabangan ko itey!

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Désolé Boy said...

nice one Mac!

Mr. G said...

nice! kaka-kilig naman! hehehe...seize the day!

Anonymous said...

o ayan ha... may lovelife ka na talaga officially.. ahehehe...

Mac Callister said...

@ming--hahaha penge akong gayuma!

@erita--labia majora talaga ha!!! oo abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

@DB--thanks my crushie hehe

@mr.g--thanks man,I will!

@kiko--ngak!wala pa!date palang to!hehe

Sean said...

uy congrats. balitaan mo kaming mga chismoso.