March 1, 2011

My UK Experience (part 1)

I felt the cold air rushing through my face as soon as we got out of the plane, it was cold. I have never felt this kind of cold air before. The weather forecast said it would be 6 degrees today. It was really cold. I was so excited, I could not wait.

Those hundred years old buildings, the people, the fashion, and that kind of accent that's too difficult to understand! LOL

Yes! I am indeed in the city of London!

After we left the hospital where we transferred our 3 month old patient for a series of test and procedures, (gonna tell you about my experience transferring our patient from one country to another some other time) a driver from our embassy picked us up and dropped us to the Oliver hotel at cromwell road, kensington. We booked ourselves for 3 nights and paid 5o pounds/night ( its like 3600 pesos per night)

The hotel was just fine. Don't like the staffs, don't like their foods, I only love its location where its very near to the subway and the stores are all over the place.

Jebs na jebs na ko nun dumating sa room ko...nun makatapos..taena! walang hose or tabo man lang! LOL. buti nalang nakakita ako ng baso sa lababo.....hahaha. Di ako sanay ng tissue noh!

Anywayz, we've found some filipino restaurants across the streets and they served pork! eat all you can pa!(8 pounds lang! wagi!) nagning-ning ang mga mata namin nun makakita at makalasap ng BABOY! LOL

The next day, we headed to oxford street (shopping district) where we did a little shopping! pakshet andaming mura! I mean, most shops are having their sales! Its like my heaven on earth! hahaha!

After a few pocket money was cut into half instantly!

The coins are confusing here! I mean every cents counts! Kalokah! bobo pa naman ako sa tuusan!

mura ng GAP dito as in!

Bought some souvenir items for my sister and my friends

I easily learned how to use the underground trains (tube) where a voice recording always says: MIND THE GAP...(maynagap daw!chos!) Its amazing! we could easily go anywhere we like to go!

This city is so easy and friendly to tourist even if its your first time! Hindi kami nawala promise! Andali matutunan at mapuntahan mga lugar as long as you have your map, as long as you could read and know how to ask!

I also noticed people here loves to wear black! its like a fashion runway on the streets! Nakakalibang!

We saw the London Eye (tallest ferris wheel in europe), but ate Eliza, 53 y.o. was too afraid to ride (so KJ!), we took pictures with the Big Ben (clock tower) at the back. We were having fun but at the same time walang tigil ang tulo ng uhog ko dahil sa punyetang lamig na yan! tagus tagusan sa tatlong patong na damit ko!hahaha!

After taking countless pictures and buying souvenirs, I asked her if she would like to come with me at the abercrombie and fitch branch at Burlington gardens. One of my mission to London is to get an original shirt from that famous brand.

We had a hard time locating it, but when we did, I was so surprised that a shirtless model wearing just a tight fitting jean is in front of the store! I soon realized he's a model and saw his face on the brand's paper bags! I tried to get as much self control I could not to throw my self on his arms and lick his pinkish nipples! LOL

muntik na ko labasan sa kanya!chos! He's so fuckin sexy!

The store was jam packed with people! We could hardly move around to check each items! they spoke different language too! international na ito! My gosh! This brand is really that famous that its the only store in the area with this much shopper!

This place kinda reminds me of a scene from a koreanovela I saw few years back hehe

It was much colder at night..nangangatal nga ko... I could not believe how some people I saw on the streets could actually wear shorts and mini skirts with this kind of weather! malamang kulubot na kepyas nila dahil sa exposure sa lamig! LOL


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

ikaw na!! ikaw na ang nakarating sa UK!! LOL

so how does it feel?? char!!!
ma-check nga sa fb kasi feeling ko mas marami dun ung pics eh.. LOL

dapat nagpasalamat ka dun sa baby kasi kung hindi dahil sa kanya, wala ka sa UK.. hehehe.. pero u should also pray for his health.. hihi

Nishiboy said...

gusto ko makakita ng taong bigla na lang yayakap at didila sa isang naka topless na model sa isang tindahan. lol. makakita lang, kasi di ko kayang gawin yun.

kelan uwi mo dito sa pinas? uuwi ka pa ba ever?

the immigayrant said...

Awwww... London!

Can't wait to read 2nd part. Btw, when you use a filipino (or are they Tagalog?), can you provide english translation in brackets?


Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--yeah check mo FB account ko i have tons of pics there!hehe ang sarap dun sana makabalik ulit ako within this year.

@nishiboy--hahaha ang sweet ng ganun! sa june 1 or 2 ang uwi ko, laguna ka lang din di ba?i could meet u there,i hope so :-)

@the immigrant--hey,im sorry about that hehe. dont worry, next I'll privide translations for you.

nOx said...

kuya, wafu ang nasa likod mo dun sa first picture (yung may kausap sa cp). hindi na masama

Mac Callister said...

@nox--oo nga noh!pwde!

Desperate Houseboy said...

papa MAC, sarap naman jan sa UK. makapunta nga....pagyaman ko. ching.:)

marvin said...

pangarap kong makapunta jan mac...hagis ka nman ng pasalubong!!! :))

Anonymous said...

lol... it does too look like a snow... dork! LOL!

but you said it was freezing cold when you visited london :( but no snow... ha! i'll send you some... hee hee...

Ming Meows said...

type ko din yung cp guy. buti na lang may zoom.

Mac Callister said...

@desperateH--cge malapit na yan!hehe

@marvin--o teka abangan mo ihahagis ko na!now na!LOL

@starfish--yeah no snow for me huhuhu!!!

@ming--hay naku mas madami pang cute dun kesa jan!nalunod ako sa dami ng gwapo dun hayyy

Virex said...

ang saya naman nun.. hubad na model.. parang sarap pumunta dyan ahh.. and in fairness, mura lang sya ahh.. nagulat ako sa price ng hotels..

Mac Callister said...

@virex--ang yummy nya talaga! ei,di naman 5 star hotel un e hehe,nasa 3 star lang ek ek ako nag stay di kaya ng budget!

Anonymous said...

wow! good for you mac!!! sayang sandali ka lang sa london at winter time pa ha!

i spent 15 days in summer....masaya!...tapos pagulong -gulong sa damuhan ng hyde park!!! lol!

my first time din to watch theater...whattta a blast!!!!

hope to come back this summer!!!

Mr. G said...

I am blog hopping and found your blog. nice! Must have been a great trip! nice blog by the way...