August 3, 2009

This Is My Prayer

Dear God,

I have been here in Qatar for a month now

and I wanna thank you for all the blessings

But I think I'm about to go crazy

In this freakin' hospital

So, I'm asking for your guidance and help...

Please help me oh lord...I desperately need it

Everywhere I look, every where I go...

There's always...always...

Good looking guys around!!!

At the ward, there's cute pinoy nurses

There's this X-ray tech, this med tech,this ultrasound guy,

at the MRI,at the ICU...OPD, canteen,

at the HR department, at my building, at the elevator


They're all around me,I don't know if I can suppress this urge to...

To grab their...their...hand!LOL

I smile alone, I was happy, I was in cloud nine

When I walk pass them or be near them

I was daydreaming...

This is so insane!

They are so cute and sexy and hot and..big!!!

Please bring back my sanity,

This is my prayer

so help me lord...



marvin said...

amen to that! hahahha! konting tiis pa. kaya mu 'yan! lols!

Mac Callister said...

@marvin--haha sana nga!kakaloka dito!

queerfaith said...

in time, you will just get familiarized with your surroundings and what you see, until they don't hit you that much any longer. you are still in the process of adjusting.

i'm sure the Lord won't be happy if you succumb or gave in to temptation

Summer said...

Amen for that! Wuahahaha..Kakayanin moh kaya? hahaha Intriga to..=D The big question is kakayanin mo kaya?! hhmm??? =D

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good luck!!!!!!

Mac Callister said...

@queerfaith--yeah u may be right!haha

@summer--haha sana ngaaaaaaaaa!!!!

@KJ--salamat kuya jasper LOL!

stainedheart said...

ay naku.. hindi mo makaya! im sure magkakaroon ka na ng mga flings jan in no time. mag eenjoy ka talaga. hehehe

queerfaith said...

you should be very careful especially in that culture and society. meaning, don't tarnish your reputation most especially now that its not easy to trust people, anywhere in the world

Mac Callister said...

@queerfaith--yeah thanks for the advice hehe.

ibañez said...

hekhekhek ayw mo nun . .para kang nasa paradise. . hekhekhek . pero .. .. control lang . . .. .para silang mga fake na prutas masarap tignan pero bawal kainin .. hekhekhek

Anonymous said...

u r sick

Chris said...

Is it Qatar very boring?

Solo said...

Lol! Grabe k tlga. Pati ba nman jan eh may pinapantasya ka?! ;D You are truly a legend! hahaha ;D

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how God would respond to such perverted prayer.