July 30, 2009

Exposure To The Virus

Two days ago, I was assigned at the Medical ICU here at our hospital together with other two senior Indian staff and we made our rounds on each patient and we finished our tasks for the day...and today we were informed by our secretary that one patient from Medical ICU is positive with A(H1N1)!!!!

Waaaaaaaaaaa! I made contact with that patient! Now I'm bothered that I might be carrying it...not only me but half of the staff from our department!haha. I'm observing myself if I have any symptoms already!Now I'm paranoid! And its annoying that the hospital management are not telling us anything or giving us any prophylaxis and we just said, fine!If we get infected nobody will run the department!

They didn't even tell us to do a self-quarantine!

Those assholes!

So far I feel fine!LOL


queerfaith said...

Hi. If you remember back here in Manila, DLSU was the first to declare a 10-day quarantine because we are the first university on schedule that opens classes. Now, we only consider AH1N1 as nothing more than just ordinary flu. Two of my students got infected even before they were detected. Since I am obviously in close contact, also the classmates, I myself wasn't infected. I believe it depends on how strong your immune system is.

Solo said...

I agree on what Queerfaith have said. ;D Nothing more to say i think.;D Bsta ingat ka lang fren. ;D

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Chris said...

wau... u have 2 take k ya..

joyo said...

konting ingat... ;)