August 17, 2009

My Sweet Visitor

I run to the door as soon as I heard the doorbell. Its him. My Italian guy. He was wearing a dark jeans paired with his plain white shirt. He looked so fresh and “yummy”? where the hell did that thought came from? LOL

30 minutes earlier I was chatting with him at YM and he said “ I am coming to your house and you cook!”.waaaaaaaaaaa!!!! It was a mixture of excitement and worry at the same time! Of course I wanna see him after last week ‘s date, but our flat is such a mess! We haven’t clean a thing since we arrived here last July 1!LOL

I dont know how I was able to clean the house in just 10 minutes!haha I'm the flash!

“I don’t wanna go to work later” he added

“you really are coming to my house now?” I wanna be sure

“Do you want me to?” –italian guy

“well, its alright with me, since I am bored right now…” I answered

“just for that?!because you are bored?” he said

“hahaha! Why, what do you want me to say, that I missed you?!” I said suddenly


“why should I missed you, you didn’t missed me at all” now Im like a demanding girlfriend!LOL

“How do you know that I didn’t missed you?” he asked

“well, you don’t find time for me lately” waaaaa I cant believe Im saying these things!

“all the time,as soon as I have a second,Im always looking forward chatting with you, but you were always offline…and you know I always have problems with connections” he’s explaining!wow!haha

When I saw him standing outside my door, he don’t know how happy I was that moment.I’ve been waiting the whole week seeing him again, we chat online after we dated last week but seeing him again now is another thing.”so what’s for dinner?” he asked me with his cute smile, and I said nothing yet and that he should wait while I cook.He had to leave for an hour because he was needed at work and told me he will come back.

It’s a good thing because I still have more time to cook. I decided to make chicken afritada, it’s my first time doing the dish and I asked my sister online about it. Thank goodness and I made it right!Im beginning to love cooking huh!

As soon as he came back I prepared the table and we had the most simple and yet meaningful dinner together.It felt like he is my boyfriend while we’re having that moment except that he is not my boyfriend in real life!LOL

We sat on the sofa in front of the tv after dinner,I ate so much, wow my cooking is so good!LOL ( ako lang halos lumamon!)my housemate was inside the room the whole time maybe he’s asleep already.We just talked and had some good laughs together.

I feel bad for him, he looked so tired, and sleepless. He was denying it but its obvious.I told him to lay down and close his eyes.So he did. His head was on my lap under a pillow and he straightened up on the sofa. I was touching his hair slowly combing it with my hand and trying to relieve his tiredness, I hope it helped!haha.

I don’t know what spirit came to me and possessed my body and I slowly brought my lips down to his own lips…I kissed him!

And he kissed me back!tenderly!

Oh my lord…Its so sweet…he still kept his eyes closed. I wanted more, so I kissed him again, this time much longer. Im becoming delirious that moment… it was sweet and daring, the kiss was so good it felt like im kissing an angel…

And the kiss went deeper and deeper...and we wanted more...

Until my housemate came out and caught us!Ok…im just kidding LOL!

We have that moment for us alone, no interruptions and no commercial break…haha.i stopped kissing him when I run out of breath…and his eyes are still close…I watched his lovely face for a minute and maybe he got impatient for another kiss and he opened his left eye thinking I wont see him opened it haha!he looked so cute while doing that!like a small kid!

And we both laughed!He stayed for another two hours at my house and we just kissed and cuddled the whole time.until I said…im sleepy and he left after giving me one more sweet goodnight kiss.


Ming Meows said...

nakakainggit! may romance!

Mac Callister said...

@ming--haha oo nga e lets see how long this will last LOL

Tizzz said...

So sweet and very seductive lah. hahaha...

marvin said...

hayup! may kilig moment! parang john lloyd-bea movie lang. hihihi. nararamdaman ko ang chemistry! kakakilig naman 'tong seryeng itu! more! more! :)

Summer said...

Wuaaaa....Ang sobrang cheeeezzzyyyy...=D Ang tarush moh nmn. Imagine Italian boy, oh my! =D Can't help to know what will happen next..=D

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Mac Callister said...

@tizz--wow u really made a comments ha!thanks!

@marvin--salamat sa pakikibasa po!

@summer--abangan nalang natin LOL!

line of flight said...

i get busy with work for a week and come back to read your blog and you're marrying an Italian! just lovely!

Dhon said...

So Tweet!!!!!! ahahaha i am so jealous!
please add me to your blogroll.. :)
i already did!

Zai Zai said...

ay kakilig naman to the highest level :) more sweet moments to come!

livingstain said...

namputa naman Mc ibang level na ang ganda mo, pang ibang lahi na... at ilang lingo lang ako hindi nakabisita meron ng italian 1, 2, 3...

akala ko ba nasa qatar ka...

Solo said...

Eeeii..kilig na to..hahaha Ang hanep! Mac iba ka! Ibang level kna..=D

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Mac Callister said...

@line of flight--di pa naman ikakasal live in muna!LOL

@dhon--i already did hehe.

@zai-zai--yeah abangan nyo nalang

@livingdtain--hahaha iba ang charisma ko ata LOL!


Dhon said...

Salamat! hey good luck sa Sweet Visitor mo!

Efarojie said...

cool! its good to know that ur seeing someone now..keep it up!