August 7, 2009

I'm A Year Old Blogger!

After 256 posts, some are worth reading and some are nonsense
After many nights of non stop blogging
After countless blog hopping
After many attempt to get noticed LOL

After some thoughts of closing it down
When I'm frustrated that no one reads my entries
That I begged my friends to fuckin' read it
And threaten to kill them if they didn't LOL

I still remember when I started that no one pays attention to what I write, when ever i look at my site meters there's only zero or one person reading for the whole week and just stayed for less than a minute hahaha! Imagine that.

Now I'm celebrating my first year in blogging
Its my site's anniversary!Yippee!
I never thought I would enjoy the blogosphere
There are times that I don't wanna sleep and just stayed all night reading other people's lives!haha or I'm just naturally "tsismosa" (gossip girl?LOL)

Now I would like to thank every one of you
For visiting my blog, I know I'm not the best blogger out there
But I'm happy that whenever I see my site meters
and found out that some people from all over the world are reading, appreciating my entries, so thank you!

To those 24,713 Total Unique Visitors from
To those 27,171 Total Visits from and many of my monitoring sites
I know its not much, but thank you people for paying attention
And pausing your life to stay a few minutes and or hours
and leaving your opinions on my humble blog.

To those who emailed me, to those who add me to their instant messenger. To my readers from all over the world (yabang!feeling sikat LOL!) Thank you!

Now I would like to thank some blogger friends : my ever loyal chat mate from Indonesia tizzy of tizzz-persona, Rik of animal factory,Mico of mybleedingangel, Vin of world of starfish, Michael of stainedheart, Kris jasper, rye of flamindevil, MC of house of MC, turismoboi, chronicler of the daily grind, summer of a writer's den, bluguy, citybuoy, jimg of kapitbahay, pikey of simple tofu, joyo,and if I forgot to mention anyone sorry haha you already know who you are.

I'm looking forward for more blogging years with you guys.

So before I go i would like to share to everyone my very first blog entry exactly one year ago...

"I am me"-- August 7,2008.

I hope I'll find someone special to love here in Qatar!May ganunnnnnnnnnn!!!!hahaha


Michael Rivers said...

Congrats on your one year! It's a great achievement!

Crazy TL said...

congrats mac!!! go for the arabs!!!

Tizzz said...

Happy One Year. YAY!!!

gillboard said...

happy birthday to your blog!!!

JIMG29 said...

one year pa lang???

but it seems to me that you have been blogging for the longest time; you got an OLD SOUL.

RaYe said...

congrats... :D

keep on blogging! :D

marvin said...

mabruk! u know what it means...hahaha! another year, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and all the best to you in Quatar...
It was nice chatting with u last night
Hope your Beef Steak went well.

Pao the explorer ;)

Anonymous said...


Turismoboi said...

happy anniv! keep on blogging!

Yj said...


happy blogging!!!!

Anonymous said...




seriously, congrats! i hope there will be more thought and _______ provoking posts from you soon. LOL!

Jonathan said...

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary Mac xxx

Efarojie said...

hey dude! congrats on ur blog's anniversary!!!!!

keep on writing yeah!

snappysparrow said...

happy anniv! keep blogging 'pre. hehe

Summer said...

Woohoo..=D Congrats! Happy birthday on your blog. =D Hope to spend more years and decades blogging with you my friend. =D Go for gold! lol. =D Have a wonderful work week. =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Bleeding Angel said...

Congrats po, i hope you will write more stories and share your ever entertaining and sensible thoughts in many years to come... miss yah!

Mac Callister said...

@everyone--thank you all!!!

the geek said...

happy 1st, mac!

papansit ka naman.wahaha

Anonymous said...

congrats macmac.

thanks for mentioning me.

cheers. :p

Chronicler said...

Hi Mac, congrats sa anniversary ng blog mo. Hope all is well with you in there including your love/sex life LOL....Keep safe, ok?