August 14, 2009

Mr.Italian III

the souq

The next day,it was Saturday,around 2pm I just woke up, my day off, I opened my facebook and there he was online, I asked him how was he?and he said he just stayed home and ate cookies because he haven't eat anything since last night.I felt guilty.I told him to go out and dine in somewhere,but he said maybe he would go...alone.

"OK,I will go with you." I don't know where that came from!haha

"Really?You will come with me?we will go to the souk(market) and eat somewhere.What time should I pick you up?" --Italian

"Do you know how to get here at my place?"

"No.But I will check the map!LOL"

I told him how to get to my location, I'm a little worried because he said last night he always get lost on the road since he only got here for about ten days only haha. He even told me he was going round and round the roads for about one and a half hour trying to figure out which way to go to his condominium building!

He called me on my cell and i swear he has the most cutest voice i ever heard!LOL (OK that's exagg!)

"OK,If ever I get lost again i will call you haha see you in an hour" --italian

I prepared for our date!date?!Is this a date?haha No, this is just a friendly date.I guess.

Its 3:30 pm I walked through to where he should pick me up,i told him to stop by a bakery near our street because he might have difficulty finding my building so i sacrificed a little bit and walked in the 45 degrees heat of the sun!aghh!

I stand near the bakery and look for an Italian guy, I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time.One minute, two minutes and exactly three minutes later I heard a "beep-beep" from a blue car and a nice smile from its driver and waving his hand on me...

Oh my...its him...i told myself.

I walked slowly into his car and opened the door and sat beside him, he was wearing his cutest smile and said "hi" to me.I shake his hands and said "did you got lost finding this place?" and he said no,he thought i might be at the corner of the road that's why he went there when i wasn't at the bakery at 3:30pm, yeah yeah I'm late for about ten minutes hahaha!

"So where are we going?"I asked him

'To the souk"

"Do you know how to get there?" me

"Maybe, we'll find it.I guess!" --I just laughed at his not so worried voice. he has this personality in him, that everything will be alright and his laughing and smiling is so contagious.I don't even feel nervous with his company.I felt that I've known him a long time ago,because he's so nice and friendly!And cuteeeee!!!!

We went at the souk,its my first time there, many Indians are selling anything, clothes, watches, scarf, figurines, Arabian arts, Lebanese products ,jewelries, perfumes, and many other great stuffs. We strolled through some restaurants and hang out place too, he said he's looking for a place where we could chill and have something to eat.

He's asking me what to eat I said just anything that is not so heavy since I'm still full. he chose this cafe' and i ordered a piece of cake and a shake, while he had coffee. We talked, he was laughing at my jokes and we basically talked about anything. I love his company,I'm sure he will be a great friend to me.

He said he is a shy guy, he wont go to a bar and pick up on someone he met there. We talked about anything,had an ex back home, Well, I don't know if they are still together or what,but I'm not expecting anything at this moment but just having a new friend.

He asked some personal stuffs about my life,like boyfriends, family, friends and about my work.
"when is your day off usually" he asked, I said ''every Fridays and Saturdays"

"I have my offs every Saturday" he said after.

"how long you plan on staying here in this country?"--me

"I don't know,if i enjoy my life here I might stay for long.How about you "You think you can stay longer?" --italian

"Yeah i think so,I'm beginning to enjoy my stay here,I got new friends and a good job"

When I told him I wanted to move to Canada in the future and have my partner there and have a kid of our own he was laughing and told me I'm crazy!haha.

"Canada is so freakin' cold!" he added

"Have you been to the manila?" I said

"No,not yet, but now I think i might visit it..."he answered with a mysterious smile

"so where do you wanna go next?" he asked me after some time after he payed the bill.

"I don't know, you are the boss" I told him while laughing

"No,no, you are the boss,tell me where do you wanna go" he said

"OK i wanna see the water near the road..."--me. Its a place like Roxas boulevard in manila. Its a great place i only saw it when we pass by it going home from the mall.

He took me there and we just walked while talking.Other Filipinos are looking at us.Wondering or thinking " oh yun oh pumatol sa foreigner" LOL. he is so tall,he stands 6'2 against my 5'6 height!haha I'm only up to his chin when we're closer.

Its already dark and he said he will take me to the place where he works.

We cant come inside and give me a tour there since its a formal place haha and I'm wearing my old crappy jeans! We decided to have dinner somewhere and as we hit the road he realized we were lost! we just go with the flow and laughed at our ignorance on the roads and places here! We are two foreign gay guys who are not familiar with this country!take that!LOL

"Do you have any idea where are we right now"--I asked

"I don't have a single clue!" and we both laughed so hard!

After 30 minutes we found the right way where we supposed to eat, he took me to this Moroccan restaurant, the place is a little dark with only red light and lamps on tables, the music is a traditional Moroccan, i kinda thought its a romantic date after all!LOL or I'm just assuming, no, its just a friendly date!

We sat there and I let him ordered i don't know a thing about their menu!haha.He said its his first time there too.So we just made a wild guess which one to order and hoping it will be good.The cute waiter brought us a camel and a lamb dish.With bread that has a very spicy spread!Yuck!haha

We're just laughing at the food we ate,we don't like it,too much spices and sweets!We both swear we wont eat there again!

After that, I asked him to take me home because i need to prepare my stuff for my duty early in the morning even if i still don't want the night with him to end. He said he don't have anything to do at home I know if he has a choice he still wanted us to go somewhere and have a good night out.

We still had a hard time finding the right way towards my building, and a good thing because we had a little more time to talk. He asked me if I have no boyfriend left in the Philippines and I told him no more,but i like this someone I met at the bus haha."so are you two still chatting till now?" he asked,I don't know if its just my imagination or so that I sensed a little worry or jealousy from that question.

When we finally find the right building he stop at the side and wait for me to get out. i felt awkward a little bit,its goodbye time. What should i do?should i invite him to come for a while?what if he agreed to come upstairs?will i be in trouble that he might think its a sexual invitation?or should I kiss or hug him goodbye?

"So,goodbye for now,do you want to come up for a while?" I asked and damn!why my mouth said that!i don't wanna say that!LOL I don't want him to come up i still have a lot of things to do like ironing my clothes and cook my food for my breakfast at my duty the next day and I told that to him earlier(You see i cook my food at night because I'm too lazy to get up from bed too early haha)

"Should I park here?Is that alright?" he said smiling.And in my mind "oh no I'm in trouble!he wants to come up!" but he added in the end "oh, I know you still have a lot of things to do now,so maybe next time will be good"he added.*sigh* thank you Lord!haha

"yeah,so, goodnight..." i did the move to shake his hand instead of kissing him goodnight LOL good thing i had great control that time.

So that's it.I had great time with him, he is a great guy. The next morning he left me an offline message saying he had a great time and hope I had too and that he would see me next time.Lets see whats next!Ciao!


JIMG29 said...

at last, i can now say a word or two di tus senore e amore after this romantic series; there's definitely a vibrant chemistry between the two of you. CHE FANTASTICO E BELLISSIMO!

marvin said...

i'm getting hooked with this series! hahaha! :)

Anonymous said...

landi ni macmac!awww.haha

goodluck sa inyo. :p

Ming Meows said...

sayang, walang sex!

Mac Callister said...

@jimg--u think so?hayyyy

@marvin--salamat naman po!balik ka!

@rye--oo nga e haha


readmymouth said...

di ko mapigilan ang pag basa! heheheheh..tamam mia mia sadik! LOL