August 12, 2009

Mr.Italian II

We had a great chat that night.I want to share you this guys.If he found out I made an entry about this, Im sure he'll be embarrased haha.

“actually Im hesitant to go out with a stranger…”-- me

“oh what, ah ok, now Im a stranger…” --italian guy

“and besides u only known me just now,what if Im a thief or I might rob you,and you want me inside your car?LOL” --me

“uhhhh,I like it! Haha. ” --Italian guy

I told him that arabs bring Filipinos in the desert to rape them.

“Really?where?I wanna go!Is it free or I need to pay?LOL” --Italian guy. I was laughing when he said that! And I said you wanna be raped?he said “always” and I laughed harder!

“just kidding.Lets go somewhere tomorrow…”

“where?” I said

“desert,or the beach!I love the beach,or see other cities”

“waaa I don’t want to go so far with a stranger!Im afraid!” --me

“ok lets go out now so we can meet, and tomorrow we can go somewhere, so that I won’t be a stranger anymore to you…”

“you see, I heard so many stories about foreign guys,that’s why im reluctant now”

“Ok fine,tomorrow we’ll go to the mall with many people and we’ll see the fake sky intead! and we’ll freeze to death”

“Im sorry if im like this, trust issues haha”-- me,but im starting to like this guy he seems nice.”or maybe I’ll find you someone to go with you next time or introduce you to someone..” I added.

“No!forget it. Why you want to do that?” --Italian guy

“ because im such a killjoy,I feel guilty and I want you to have company” --me again

“No don’t worry, be happy ,I don’t want to push you to do anything.” --Him

I said Im eating muffin and if he wants some haha.

“Because of you I didn’t eat dinner, usually I eat at work and nothing on my fridge, I left work early I was in a hurry ready to meet you ,trying to get home at a decent time for you” now he’s making me feel really really guilty with that haha

He told me that he never likes cooking at home,I found that hard to believe that he's too lazy to cook his own food haha. He hates driving too. We talked about basically anything and im glad that I diverted the topic away from our meeting that night haha.I think this guy is cool, and he is jolly and nice. Its really late and I have work in the morning so I said goodbye.

“ok,have a good night”

“you too, wait you never give me your name yet” I asked

“Im ____”

--to be continued


Michael Rivers said...

It keeps getting more and more interesting! Love his name!

dencios said...

ika nga ni bitoy, "yari ka! hahaha"

triplihin ang pag-iingat.

marvin said...

loving his name! sounds yummeeee! hihihi. good tactics u did there. and the trust issue, i know it's true. so, sabihin mo na mag-enjoy muna kayo getting to know each other and no expectations's like building a house, kelangan may matibay na foundation muna.

Ming Meows said...

ok naman siguro sa mall. pero sex...hmmm mahirap na.

Solo said...

Such a nice name hehehe...;D Go na Mac, Italian imagine! ;d hahaha
Give us more info bout this huh..;D More post pls. lol ;D

Always take care. ;D

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Chronicler said...

Mac, sounds sexciting. Inaabangan ko na what will happen next. Seriously, be extra careful and I think you just dont have to rush things. Its better to be in the "getting-to-know-you" for awhile but keep the sexcitement going...baka makawala hahahahah...

Yj said...

go lang ng go....

italian sausage yan teh....

Summer said...

Hahaha..Italian stage kna pala jan ah..Eiii...Cool! I feel so excited to know what will happen after this. Oh god! Grab it lol. =D
But don't forget to be careful. =D

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