August 28, 2009

Desert Gay Stories

It's my second month in this foreign country, the land of desert and heat, a country served by different nationalities, more of Indians and Filipinos and some from neighboring countries. I must say this state is not a tourism destination, it's more of a workforce country, people are here to work.

There are few amusement parks, a few night hang outs, and gimikans unlike Dubai I guess, but the good thing is, you can really save up when temptations are less, right? Good thing that I'm a home buddy! And besides I have Mr. Italian to keep me company. He is my constant companion and my driver! LOL

I am able to gain new friends, which I'm proud of. I can honestly say that I'm enjoying my life here. Work is a thing that I need to get used to but I'm cool and confident that in time I will learn everything.

And being here for two months you can't avoid hearing many stories and rumors about gay Filipinos and couples being deported back in the Philippines. As we all know, homosexuality is forbidden and considered a sin here. In other words, my friends are scaring me and giving me warning too.

Let me tell you their stories:

The Policeman

Harry was in a relationship with this Arab policeman and only few knew about it, when he caught Mr. Policeman cheating on him, he immediately broke up with him, but  Mr. Policeman doesn't want to lose Harry, he wants to win him back, but after many failed attempts, since he can't have him, Mr. The policeman has the gay Pinoy arrested instead and within 24 hours he was deported back to the Philippines.

The Mall Gays

There are two discreet gay Filipinos inside the mall and they've decided to go inside this shop and noticed some fancy female dresses on display and  forgot that they are in a Muslim country that they started goofing around and putting the dress on top of their clothes, but not really trying the dress on, as if telling his friend that it looks good on him. An Arab saw them and reported them to the management and have them deported.

The Blackmailer

Nathan adored the Middle Eastern guys (like me! LOL) and when one approached him, showed interest, he immediately grabbed the chance! He felt lucky. Kilig. He dated him and had him as his fling, but when Nathan started losing interest and didn't want to see the Arab guy anymore, he started blackmailing Nathan threatened him to be reported of his homosexual activities if he still avoids him. So Nathan had no choice but to still see him until he finished his contract and went back to the Philippines.

The Gay Party

One night a bunch of Pinoy gays held an all out party where everybody was wearing drag clothes! Complete with make ups and high heels. But it's a private party, all Filipinos. They took videos and pictures using cell phone as remembrance. Unfortunately, one member of that group was caught by authorities after a few months with a complaint or a crime he committed that was not made clear to me by my story teller hehe. So this gay man was arrested and the authorities comfiscated his cellphone and there...they've found the videos of the group's party! All in the videos are deported as well...

The Happy Gay Couple

This one is different from the other stories, this is somehow good, and this guy was lucky. Why? Because Archie and his Arab boyfriend are going on their 15th years together! Oh wow! sweet!! It was said that they've met when Archie was still working in Saudi Arabia and when he finished his contract and decided to work in Qatar, the Arab boyfriend came along and moved here too! And he is using an expensive car given by his rich Arab lover! And Archie is living in a big house and all expenses are provided by his Arabian sweetheart! Take that!


Hmm, me and Eros (lets call my Mr.Italian by that name) I don't know whats our future, one thing we need to do now, is to be careful, and they've said as long as its inside your walls nobody cares what you're doing and you will be safe. We go out, we hang out, spend some good time together. And he said he will cook for me. I hope that day will come soon!

Greetings to my friends namely: Paolo from the Philippines and bleeding angel from Dubai. Ciao!!!


Lyka Bergen said...

I heard a lot of similar Pinoy gay stories when I was in Dubai but I have my own experiences for some interesting stories to tell as well.

Most were fun, and some beyond the pale. But I reclined after I was incarcerated.

Living Gay in the Middle east could be a pleasure but can be harsh as well.

Take care!

MrCens said...

nice to reads these stories... o ayan! tinupad ko ang prommise ko sau na i will find time.

inggit ako sau, inlove. keep it up and be happy always.

line of flight said...

people seem to naturally eroticize risk. the down side is that it is a gamble.

Anonymous said...

Uyyy baklush wag kang ganyan! Hahabulin ka ng mga parlorista sa ugali mo!!

RaYe said...

i pity those pinoys who were deported because they're gays.

tc there ha... keep safe! :D

marvin said...

nice name - Eros. but that's Greek. di ba Italian s'ya? more of Cupid then. :)
stay happy. enjoy every moment. :)

Anonymous said...

kaya nga ingat ka dyan macmac..

wag masyadong maloko..hehe

Ming Meows said...

masaya na nakakatakot naman yan

Mac Callister said...

@lyka--really?it happenned to u too?

@mrcens--wow oo nga e love na ulit
kita LOL!!!

@line of flight--true..its scary and fun too hehe

@raye--no choice we are living in their country we have to follow rules...

@marvin--really?hehe i asked him what name he want me to give him on my blog and he said "eros" hehe

@flamindevil--grabe ka naman!hehe para naman napaka landi ko dito LOL

@ming--yeah hehe

Anonymous said...

NOT just to follow rules, but ALSO to RESPECT their culture. It's not a choice, it is something that should be RESPECTED.

Turismoboi said...

feeling ko ang landi landi mo dyan etchoz!

Summer said...

Aw! Kawawa nmn ung mga nadeport dhil lang sa bakla sila. Pero un tlga ang rules nila jan eh, kaya la tayong magagawa dun. Kundi ang mag-ingat lang. Kya ingat ka lagi jan ah..=D Keep say and be happy lagi. =D

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Brown Mestizo

AJ said...

hi's life there treating u lately?.. summer n the rest is rest, mas masaya daw kung nagiingat..

ingats ikw dyan, hehe. RGDS.

Leon said...

Happened to surf into your blog randomly..nice postings

its so sad that people still have so much different opinion on things

Greetings from Singapore

Leon Koh
visit my blog

Anonymous said...

parang bata ang nagsulat..

next time, stick to our language. it's kinda annoying to read your article. there are grammar errors everywhere! try some online-help docs so you can improve your writing.

Ingat ka.

Isa lang naman ang dahilan kung bakit napapahamak ang mga gays..MASYADONG MALIBOG-wag kayong magrereact..tunay naman.

eh kung stick to one sana eh di walang problema