December 1, 2010


It was a mixed feeling as I was leaving the remittance center the other day, glad that finally I was able to send my family the money they need this christmas season. It was bigger this time. They asked for an increase (oh di ba, parang tuition fee lang, may increase din!LOL) since it is the holidays. I understand.

I remembered the conversation I had with my sister: "could you please send more this time... too much expenses and we don't know if there would be enough left for us".

I wanna cover my ears and stop listening to them for a second. I wanna scream. Shout.

But I couldn't. I wouldn't.

Mom in Dubai is going through though times now. I wanna help. I should. But I don't have enough. So I'm doing the best I could to help.

I shouldered everything for now.
Because I should. I am family. They are my family.

A year ago, I was very hopeful to work abroad and save for my future. A dream house. A business.

But I'm on a different situation now.
I can't save up now.
No more shopping.
No more unnecessary spending.

As I was leaving the remittance center and closed the zipper on my bag...I just smiled and thought...more than half of my salary were all sent to the philippines and dubai...I only have enough to feed my self for the whole month...

Yeah it was a mixed feeling. Proud that I could help my family and a little low that after a month of hard work, all whats left is this much on my pocket.

But what to do Yani? :-)

So, this is how it really feels to be an OFW after all huh?
Suddenly a perfect word crossed my mind.

Bread winner.

Yes, Mac, you are indeed now the breadwinner.


soltero said...

honggbait bait nmonnnnn...

ehehhee seriously attaboy!!i'm sure babalik sa yo lahat tenfolds pa kc matulungin ka sa family mo!!!

paci said...

..and we never make excuses. it's family. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm Proud of you Mac :)Happy Holiday

Anonymous said...

basta, winner ka. =)

Ming Meows said...

sabi nga nila it's better to give than to receive. i'm sure bobongga ang lovelife dahil jan.

single-brown-gay at 40 said...

i know how you feel :) but yes you should be proud of yourself - that's a fact! what you are doing is not easy at all pero definitely laudable. bow ako sa yo :)

Mac Callister said...

soltero--hehe sana nga! ok lang un,konting tiis! yayaman din ako LOL!

@paci--true...kahit anong gipit natin di natin sila matitiis

@anonymous--hey thanks! same to u!

@hidden mark--win na win!thanks!

@ming--tumpak! going strong naman kami ni clayton...;-)

orally said...

naka-relate ng slight.

what to do yani indeed.

JR said...

kaya pala di mo na ako nasusuportahan, ang dami mo pa pinadadalahan! break na tayo choz!

Super relate button - check! ang hirap maging breadwinner pero masarap - lalo ang bread!

KUMAGCOW said...

nasan ang tinapay... nanalo ka ng tinapay?? Heheh

Kakakain ko ng mais naging corny nako wahahaha!!

Mac Callister said...

@singlegay40--haba ng name mo sir hehe,anyway,thank you for your kind words...

@orally--talaga?slight lang?siguro sobra sobra sweldo mo jan no!pautang naman!haha

@jr--masarap talaga ang bread!teka san ba address mo sendan na din kita wag mo lang ako ibreak!LOL

@kumag--korni mo nga!tse! hehehe

Anonymous said...

I feel you!


Ex Jason said...

magbibigay na nga lang tayo ng tinapay, i-gardenia na natin.

Kane said...

Hey Mac, I guess the yoke is on your shoulders. I hope you bear it well. =)


Anonymous said...

Mac...been following your blog silently ... I can very much relate to your predicament, but I totally agree that the rewards will be there at the final...good deeds are rewarded silently and tenfold ... ingat ka lagi dyn and continue doing good things for your family ...

Virex said...

ehehe.. ako din weh.. minsan naiisip ko parang pag inde malaki ang pinadala ko tapos ang dami kong extra, parang ang sama sama ko.. ehehe.. anyway, christmas naman kasi so ok lang yan.. dapat makapagipon ka na din..