December 27, 2010

Fab Christmas!

Last Christmas eve I was not home and away from family, but with the company of my friends and colleague, didn't feel alone and blue at all, I had a blast!!!

I designed our wall of fame. And some organized the games and the exchange gifts. Every guest must bring their share of foods and they all delivered! I can't breath with tons of amazing foods I ate!

It was indeed a lot of fun. The party was loud and crazy! Every person I want to spend Christmas with was there, I couldn't ask for more. We started at 6pm and finished at 2am! Some got drunk and wasted and some are still Normal like me at the end! hahaha

My fave part was when its almost 12 midnight, they played this loud song and we all danced the night away in the living room! Loved the dancing lights! It felt that we were at the club! we all greeted each other merry xmass with a kiss on the cheeks.

So to all of my friends that night, thanks for making our Christmas a whole lot of fun even if we are miles away from our families. God bless us all!

Here are some of the photos from our party (sorry for hiding our faces! You know, anonymous drama ko! LOL) :

o di ba? beki'ng-beki sa porma ko haha. May scarf pa! I'm wearing a shirt from topman and pants from H&M, my watch from TOYWATCH, and shoes fr lacoste, kunyari LOOKBOOK daw! LOL

my stomach's very full here! that's why nakabukol! *defensive much?*

I have a big crush on KC! So cute! I took advantage of him whenever we're taking pictures haha! lagi ako nakakawak ng kamay or akbay sa knya! Bleh!

mga adik sa litrato! half of the night was spent on picture taking! Grabe da bah! sakit na ito!

Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year everyone!


orally said...

Happy Holidays Mac. Kumustang hada?

Emil said...

Mac, what perfume do you wear? What other petfume would you recommend? Happy Christmas..

Mac Callister said...

@bien--merry xmass din sau! wala noh!tigang ako ngyon hehehe!

@emil--hi,at present im wearing THE ONE by Dolce and Gabbana..try mo u would love it!

Sean said...

buti naman masaya din diyan. happy new year mac.

soltero said...

Happy Holidays Mac!

ahahha boto ako kay KC, dali aswangin mo na ahahhaha :P

hmmm sobrang kain ba yan or sobrang daming nalunok? LOL


wv: catinet (ayan ang kati mo daw lol)

Mac Callister said...

@sean--oo nga e kundi mababaliw kami hehehe!!! merry xmass and happy new year too dude!

@soltero--straight si KC hahaha!!!hoy busog lang talaga noh!happy new year sayo!

Anonymous said...

taray nang outfit :) Happy new year mac :D

Nimmy said...

grabe kung makaluhod si Mac oh! chos! hehehe. love the outfit! fab!!!!!!

Mac Callister said...

@anonymous--thanks!!! i love that shirt nga e as in!

@nimmy--hahah galing ko ba lumuhod?tse! thanks nimmy happy new year!

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

suc kiri posts... ahahaha

Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--hahaha di naman a!ang hinhin ko kaya! happy new year!

Ming Meows said...

mas bakla ung tshirt teh...plunging neckline.