December 3, 2010

Feel The Beat

After many months of being assigned at the pediatric ICU, its my return of the come back at the Accident and Emergency room today. I was a bit excited, thought, I'm gonna see my top 5 crushes there again! hehehe mind you, I think of all of them are gay! They're just hiding it, and that I think is the main reason why I'm so attracted to them this bad!

Yun bang pigil na pigil nila, pero nag uumalpas! shit! yun ang type koooo!LOL

I put on my best scrub and white coat and showered my self with my D&G -The One perfume! (haha bragging, I know!)

Anywayz, I saw only one, most of them are not on duty! I searched all department of the ER already! Pero bigo! harot ko! Clayton would kill me! LOL

So, I thought, my day is ruined.
Until this new guy crossed my path! Umusok bigla ang mata ko sa pagbabaga! sabi ko sa sarili ko: Type ko itooooo!

Nurse. Bald. Average built, and cute. His name is Wilmer. How I wish he's gay! But he's so damn straight! Taena!

He is the nurse assigned to my intubated patient. (patient breathing thru a tube inserted on his mouth directed to his trachea to help him breath with the use of the ventilator, which I managed, whew, thats long!) We talked a little, like the usual new people meeting for the first time.

I was checking my machine, when I realized he was at my back, his chest so close to my back that i could feel his breathing on my nape....I almost dropped the stethoscope Im holding at the time! He almost hugged me! He was pressing something at the cardiac monitor on top of my machine that's why he's there behind me.

Pero, shit ate charo, paka-sarap! LOL

The whole time, I was watching him work secretly. I wanna stay at his patient, but that would be too obvious, so I just sit and read my pocketbook at the station while waiting for some action at the emergency.

My moment arrived... the doctor ordered me to do arterial blood extraction, on his patient. I prepared my things, then he said: sir could I do it for you? I wanna try doing this...I know its your job, but I wanna learn...

Arterial blood extraction is different from the usual nurse vein insertion.

Makakatanggi ba naman pukelya ko? E di gow! I gave the syringe at him and assisted him. He didn't hit the artery on his first attempt on the arm of the sedated patient. I said try to feel the beating of the artery with his finger...but he inserted the needle too far on the site.

I came to the rescue, I moved closer at him, shoulders to shoulders, we were so close that I wanna smile with my naughtiness...

I guided his fingers to the spot...I was holding his fingers together with the syringe...damn, I did took my time guiding his fingers...I'm so bad! million bolts of electricity run thru my body that time...I could smell his natural body scent...kakalibog!

Shit! babaw ng kaligayahan ko!

So yun, di kami naka kuha ng blood!LOL (We failed to extract blood!) puro kasi kalandian ginawa ko!

So i told him to try it one more time. O di ba teacher material na ko ngayon! trying hard much?! I told him where to insert the needle and try to feel its pulsating movement. He focused and after a while, I saw the blood going up the syringe! its a success!!!

I'm so happy for him! You know, that kind of happiness when a mother saw his son going up the stage with honors! That's how I exactly felt! LOL!!!!!

"Thanks sir."

"Yeah sure, no problem".

I went back at my chair with a mysterious smile on my face.

*wink* wink*


Nimmy said...

ang lande lande mo! char! hahahaha :P

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

ganyan tlga c mac.. malandee!!!

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--just enjoying! hehe pero hanggang lande lang, wala ng iba pa un.*defensive*

Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--ouch! na hurt ako sa accusation mo!LOL

Louie said...

Hehe. Grabe, nag nosebleed ako ng isa't kalahati sa mga medical terms. Buti n lng may kaakibat na explanation. :)

Jacob Woods said...

Nice blog you have here. Hope to keep following it in the future.

hard2getxxx said...

at least naging masaya ang araw mo hihihihi

and inspired ka pa ayos

baka meron ka pa pwede ituro sa kanya hihihihi

PluripotentNurse said...

nice blog Mac. I can relate to your story. Im a nurse too but not practicing haha... San ka nag duty?

Just followed your blog hope u'l follow me to. Thanks!

Ming Meows said...

baka mas malandi pa ang nagawa ko. baka masabi ko- yung ano itutusok sa ano ko XD

JR said...

Hoy! lagot sa sa BF mo! che hahaha

Mac Callister said...

@louie--haha kaya nga nilagyan ko just for you!LOL

@jacob--they thanks!!! I appreciate you following my blog!!! come back soon ok? :-)

@hardt0get--hay naku dami pa talaga!im the master!LOL

@pluripotent--haba ng name mo!dito ako sa doha e,ikaw ba?

@ming--hahaha harot ka din gaya ko!

@jr--nag text na ako sa knya pagka publish na pagka publish ko nito hahaha sabi ko,wag siya mgugulat sa post ko!

RainDarwin said...

teh, ngayon lang ulet ako nakadalaw sa blog mo. Kumusta na ang muse ng hospital?

backread muna.

Virex said...

wahahaha... kamusta naman.. ganyan din ang feeling ng lola mo pag nakakatabi niya mga crush niya.. sana pati arms niya hinawakan mo kunwari nikokontrol mo yung arms niya para mapadali ang pag suksok ng syringe.. then nipisil pisil mo yung muscles. wahahaha

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

kamusta naman yun. kuwawa naman yung patiente. haha sabagay, everything in the name of love. pikit ka nalang muna, clayton. :)

Sean said...

Buti hindi niya nakitang nakatirik ang mata mo habang nakadiin siya sa likod mo. :)