December 29, 2010

Movies Of 2010

Wonderin' which movie made it big at the box office this year? well, since I am a movie lover like most of you, I'm always asking myself every end of the year if my fave movie made it to the list. Let's all check it out...

Ten Top Grosser Films Of 2o1o:

1. Toy Story 3 -- $415,004,880

2. Alice In Wonderland (2010) -- $334,191,110

3. Iron Man 2 --

4. Eclipse --

5. Inception --

6. Harry Potter 7 --

7. Despicable Me --

8. Shrek Forever After --

9. How to Train Your Dragon --

10.The Karate Kid --

I've seen almost all of them except: despicable me and karate kid. Inception for me was kinda boring! sorry!

The runners up are as follows:

11. Clash Of the Titans
12. Grown Ups
13. Tangled
14. Megamind
15. The Last Airbender
16. Shutter Island
17. The Other Guys
18. Salt
19. Jackass 3D
20.Valentines Day



Anonymous said...

OMG! what is the matter with you? INCEPTION was great, maybe its an intelectual thing... lol j/k!

Disney's Tangled beat Harry Potter in the box office and i think toy story as well... Despicable Me wasn't that great, too many boring moments... bleh!

how have you been? hope your holiday was grand... have a great new year!

stay out of trouble :)

imsonotconio said...

i love inception kaya, its intellectually stimulating and the effects are nice

Nimmy said...

wahahaha! naka-runner up pa ung jackass 3d oh! niiiiiiice! :)

hindi ko pa din napapanood despicable me. heheh. ma-download nga.

Mac Callister said...

@starfish--hahaha i know, pero i got so bored with it grrr! maybe later we will see tangled on 3D later.

my holidays are great!thanks for asking,you take care there!mwah!

@conio--hahaha. happy new year!

@nimmy--haha di ko nga din akalain yun nakahabol pa! yeah i-download na natin yan!

Ming Meows said...

buti ka pa 2 lang ang hindi mo nakita. ako, ni isa wala.

Mac Callister said...

@ming--hahaha grabe ka naman! gaganda nyan try to watch them soon

Kiks said...

aside from the hollywood usuals, ano ba ang worth-watching?

i heard so many indie films from Europe are such winnurs that they deserve our eyes...

Virex said...

agree ako sa list.. yung harry potter dapat wala na sa top 10 yan eh.. kaasar lang yung movie.. alang kuwenta.. ahahaha...

Anonymous said...

try to watch Karat Kid mac, i dont know if your in to that kind of movie, but its touching and nice. :)

Jake said...

Wow! Effort sa paghanap ng gross sales figures hehehe!

I think I need to see Toy Story 3 and find out why.