December 6, 2010

My New Love!

The other day, I got my holiday work pay and decided to hit the mall and find something to give to my boyfriend Clayton, my 7 year old nephew and my sister. I wanna get them something nice but not too much on the budget, especially for Clayton, he swore he would kill me if I get him something too expensive.

Well, I know for a fact that my boyfriend is a simple guy, he's a practical guy, he likes to use his stuffs to the last drop, as in hanggat di nadudurog di niya itatapon! kaloka! Minsan kung di ko pa inaapi yun gamit niya di nya papalitan!

We're like north and south poles! I love getting new stuffs! LOL

I love wearing black lately! I don't know why!haha

Anyway, after 2 hrs, I'm done with my christmas shopping until I noticed this new shop...Its like it was calling me...mac...come inside me...come....!

I went inside and the guard and the sales clerk greeted me. I looked around and I fell in love with their items!!! I heard so much about these things...

I like! I like!
The shopping devil inside me screamed! Its a little expensive, but I really fell in love with it! So, for sure, I might be having rice and soy sauce the whole month!LOL

I just convinced my self, its christmas anyway, I might as well get myself a gift, right? and its my holiday pay, so, thats it! hahaha

After a few minutes, I'm already wearing my new TOYWATCH!

toywatch jelly--is a fun watch, its made of silicon and the straps could be changed to different colors.

watch the video:

Note: Check out their website here and here


c - e - i - b - o - h said...


silicon - watch tlga noh.. heheh

ibañez said...

bongga namang watch yan.. alam mo kung black ang trip mong outfit. . . emo ka teh haaah chos. . . ang ganda talagan ang watch nayan

Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--hehehe thanks! gundoohh talaga!

@ibanez--haha di pa naman ako mag eemo!ayaw!LOL

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

kaloka. kanin at toyo talaga?

i like the watch! it's so cute!

~Carrie~ said...

bonggang-bonggang bonanza! likey

PluripotentNurse said...

hi mac ang ganda naman ng toywatch na yan parang gusto ko din regaluhan sarili ko hihi!

Ming Meows said...

hehe. nakakapayat ang black. hindi ako mahilig sa watch. pareho kami ni clayton ng paniniwala.

soltero said...

bat di kulang PENK ang binili mong watch? ehehehhee...

and bket nga black ang lagi mo suot??? pampapayat? lols

Mac Callister said...

@citybuoy--oo kasi limas na kaperahan ko!LOL


@pluripotentnurse--bili ka na din,its so cute kaya!

@ming--may ganun ngang tao...

@soltero--wala na kasing kulay pink out of stock!LOL. payat naman ako a!!!tse!