January 2, 2011

Mac At 2011

First of all, I would like to greet everyone a very happy new year!!! Hope that this would be a great and blessed year for all of us (pero siyempre dapat mas lalo na sakin!LOL)

Anyhoo, this is also my first post for this year! yey! la lang!hehehe

I'll just share to you what I did these past few days. First,I celebrated new year's eve at my friends house,Val, well, he was kind enough to let us in and joined them this holiday. I was supposed to be on night shift duty, but KC, asked if he could swap scheds with me, which I gladly said yes! Why not! It means I would be able to celebrate the new year's eve with my friends!!!

After some call and blah-blah-blah, we finally made it to the small get together. Val prepared the amazing foods! Loved his cherry cheesecakes and his crema-de-futa I mean fruta pala! hihihi. Some people brought their own specialty,yum yum yum, and me? well,I just brought myself and ate! LOL!

Me and my two closest friends posing before the clock hit midnight.

Kakahiya, as in literally, nakikain lang kami haha, e kasi naman galing pa kami evening shift noh! la time to prepare foods! *defensive*

Stories from the bath house and the chronicles of E

My sister sent me gifts thru my cousin who just arrived here. Its the book of Mcvie and E!!! yey!!! Napatili naman ako ng slight nun makita ko! I love yah my dear sistah! Mwah! wala daw nun kay MGG when I asked her bakit kulang ng isa! haha.

Its payday, its new year so, the malls are having their amazing sale! I was very happy when I entered A/X store and found out they dropped down their prices too. I bought the 3 cheapest shirts I could afford! LOL

Hugo Boss
also released their new scent "Bottled.Night" I immediately fell in love with the smell when I tried it. It has a fresh, clean, masculine, and long-lasting scent. Yun lang binili ko, inawat ko na sarili ko hahaha. Baka wala na ko lamunin sa sunod na araw!

I also greeted Clayton a happy new year thru sms message. He greeted me back, and that's it hehe. I just want him to get the idea that, everything is in the past na.

Since I am single, wala man lang ako ka-putukan! kainis! hmp!

I am currently eating a baked potato with melted cheese and sausage and mushroom on top and inside which I ordered at this Italian food store at the food court. It's one of my new favorites! Ang sarap!!!!

Hay, I don't know what would happen this year. But I'm expecting good things! and a new loving guy please...LOL!

Happy New year!!!


Nimmy said...

eeeeeeeeeeee. bet ko ang new loving guy please moment mo tih! :D

happy 2011!

Echos Erita said...

apir tau te, walang kaputukan. ok lang yan, marami pang araw. the year has just started. malayo kasi si boyfriend kaya tiis muna aketch. in your case may darating din yan. somewhere out there may lalaking bibihag na naman sa puso at puke mo, somewhere, out where dreams come true.


Virex said...

mukang ok naman ang new year mo!! Happy New Year ulit!! hehe.. inde ko alam yung bagong pabango ng Hugo, I havent seen it pa kasi.. pag nakita ko, try kong amuyin para alam ko na ang smell mo.. ehehe

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--hahaha tomoh!!

@erita--hay naku sana nga!hehehe

@virex--happy new year din! cge try mo din hehehe

KUMAGCOW said...

bago na naman LOL ambilis naman

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

wag kang mag-expect mac!! choz!!

positivity lang for 2011..
gow gow gow!!

Orally said...

Ikaw na ang freeloader hahaha. Di ka man lang nag-effort. Cheers sa mga kagaya nating palibre!

soltero said...

Happy New Year Mac!!! and yeah wishing you the best of eberything this year (lalo na ang lablyf hihi)!!

mwahhhhh :P

JasonPaul said...

yun naman! happy new year!

wv: horsi. lol. wala laaaang. la~la~la~