August 28, 2010

So, We're Talking Now?

It was really awkward having him on one table...I think its a bad idea for coming here. I'm uncomfortable being with him. We didn't talk for about 5 months. We ignored each other for the longest time. We just stop talking for some reason I don't know!

And here we are now.

Sharing a table with 4 other guys.

Me and Darkguy!

On one table this close???!

Its a friend's birthday dinner. He invited me. Didn't know he would also invite Darkguy. I don't have any control who he wants to invite. Its too late to back out now, I already said yes before he called Darkguy to come.

I avoided his eyes. I avoided talking to him. I intentionally ignored him and spoke to the guy next to him. I could see he's looking at me from the corner of my eyes. He lose weight. He works out they said. I could see the development on his arms and chest (I only imagined it without his shirt on LOL!)

He came with Eli. A former crush of mine. I believe they are closer now. They dined out, stay at each other's flat from time to time. Should I be jealous? I shouldn't be. Maybe I just felt a little weird. I mean, I used to chase Eli before. And I used to f*ck Darkguy before. And now they are together?

Though not sure about it. I heard Darkguy's wife now pregnant with their second child. Maybe they are really just friends.

I think I still have a crush on Eli! Clayton, its just a crush OK? haha. No more. No less. And I don't know if he likes me now than before. I noticed some changes on him. Its like he is giving me some signs that he is now ready! LOL

But deadma nalang me. I love Clayton noh!

Darkguy was trying to reach out on me. He spoke to me directly and I have no choice but to look at him and listen. I don't want the other guest to feel the tension between us. It felt so weird looking at his eyes while he spoke to me.

I know he's just trying to cover the real situation between us. People would ask questions if they noticed we are not talking. Especially Egay. He is so persistent on knowing the truth. He knew something is going on. I won't give him that satisfaction! So I just go with the flow and pretend I'm Ok talking at Darkguy.

He opened the door for me when I went out.

As we all walk back to our building (we all live in one building) I walk side by side with Egay avoiding him. And vice versa.

I don't know if this event changes anything between us.

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Ex Jason said...

pang Maging Sino Ka Man ang eksena. lol.

Mac Callister said...

@ex-jason--haha ganun ba!cge na nga ako na si sharon!

Vitori Vita said...

WAH!!! Nakaka-relate ako... Tama bang umiwas ng tingin kung gusto mo rin naman talagang tingnan? =)) HAHAHA!

orally said...

Clayton reads your blog? Oh man, how (in)convenient.

Mac Callister said...

@vitori--haha di ko maiwasan tignan!

@orally--yes.he reads my blog!but told me he wont visit often so that I could speak my mind without me worrying what he will think!haha pero mas mabuti ng careful?LOL

KUMAGCOW said...

nagiging balanced programming tuloy ang post ngayon LOL

virex said...

nice story.. but you know, you can be friends with everyone naman.. mas masaya yung diba pag madaming friends.. ehehe

Jepoy Dacuycoy said...

anong sinabi ko sayo kuya mac? tigilan ang paglandi. may jowa ka na. jusko. :|

Mac Callister said...

@jepoy--oy hindi naman ako nalandi a!nagkataon lang na nagkita kami hmmmpf!

paci said...

eeeek! awkwardness!!!

pero nakaya mo naman. maybe the next time, if ever there will be one would be better. =)