August 12, 2010

Brian...Past and Future?

A day before my flight, (which was august 3) I was having late lunch when my sister arrived but she was not alone. She was with Brian. He was smiling dearly at me and said Hi. I invited him to sit and eat with me. Both of them haven't had lunch yet.

My sister picked him up at the terminal as they were texting each other about his arrival. Very nice, my sister did all of that effort?! Well, what can I say, they love Brian! But he's my ex boyfriend! What would Clayton say? He would be mad as hell if he finds out about this mess my sister did!

So I thought, I wont tell him...yet! LOL

I know Brian still has feelings for me no matter what he said or how he strategically hide it, it was screaming at my face! My dad excitedly welcomed him. My nephew hugged him as if he is his long time good uncle. We talked about anything like two good friends. Its a nice feeling that we're on this kind of relationship.

He knew I have a boyfriend because he saw our pictures together at face book and he told me he also has one. He gave me some advice or I rather say he gave me a sermon...about me being serious this time, stop being impossible, that I should stick to Clayton and no more flirting with other guys.

Of course I'm not like that! Toinks!

Clayton seems to be a nice guy. He commented after we browsed some pictures. I could see he was hurting. But I tried to ignore it. I don't want him to know that I knew. Brian helped me packing my baggage when I said "are we going to have sex tonight?"

"Kapal mo! My bf ka na noh!" he replied

(shut up!You have a bf already!)

I was just kidding when I said that haha.

I went out of the room and chat with Clayton who has no idea that my ex, who by the way was the longest I stayed with in a relationship. Who by the way the only partner that my family ever accepted and liked...till now.

"Why don't you two get back together?" I remembered my sister asked me when we were alone. I just said, its not happening at this moment. I am happy with Clayton.

"Where shall I sleep?" asking me after some time. I said he could pull the mattress under my bed and sleep there. I behaved really well this time. i could have said we will be sleeping on my bed and for sure he won't protest. But I didn't cheat on Clayton. I played really great with this. I thought I won't be able to resist his charm and that butt below my bed and f*ck it! LOL

Me and Brian are great sexual partners before. But I was not thinking of raping him that night haha. I was a gentle gay! haha. (or gentleman)

On my flight, they took me to the airport and I hugged my Dad, my sister and my nephew. Brian was standing at the back. I waved my hand at him to come closer. I hugged him last.

The next day I'm here already at the middle east when we had an interesting chat at Face book.

"Are you happy with Clayton?" --Brian

"Yes I am. Why?" -- me

"Nothing. Just asking.." --Brian

"If I'm not, what you gonna do? Steal me from him?haha" -- me

"You bet!" -- Brian


Phunk Factor said...

Ex always make the boyfriends feel uncomfortable...n glad to c u were all cool and not crazy with Brian!

Clayton must be proud of you!

Vitori Vita said...

WAH!!! Sweet naman ni Brian...

Pero I think it would be better if you stay with Clayton... Remember... Karma's a bitch... =)

Zai Zai said...

sweet naman :) love na love ka pa ni Brian..

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--true,i told clayton about this after 2 days haha he got mad at first but i explained everything and now were good.

@vitori--i know!haha that's what Im afraid of, so do good to everyone!

@zai-zai--i think so,but we are better this way,good to have a friend like him na

Nimmy said...

na-curious lang ako... :)

is Clayton a follower of your blog?

KUMAGCOW said...

Behaved ba talaga? I hope so.. hehe

Enjoy work na lang muna... tapos you can go back to boracay... with clayton instead... that would be better huh?!

Fickle Cattle said...

nice story. :-)

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--hahaha yeah he is.

@kumagcow--tumpak!sana next year siya pa din!LOL ayoko na magpalit palit utang na loob!haha

Mac Callister said...

@ficklcattle--hey thanks!


awwww..... Oi! love thy boyfriend! lol

At least U didnt give in to ur "earthy desires" lol.

Lucky Clayton.

Mac Callister said...

@KJ--haha or maybe wala lang ako gana kasi stressed na ako sa pag alis ko LOL!

pero hindi,pinigilan ko talaga kasi nga ayoko mag cheat kay clayton,he is a nice guy

Anonymous said...

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