August 16, 2010

Walang Gaguhan

I have a bad schedule at work this week and due to time differences, me and Clayton had a hard time catching' each other online like we used to do for the past weeks since I arrived here. Though we text every day, but we like online chat better.

He suggested he would wake up at 4 in the morning, Philippine time, its 11pm here. But I told him its so unfair on his side. But he insisted. So i just told him to make it 5am there, that would make 12am here.

I felt bad about him waking up on a Sunday morning soooo early haha!

But you know what? Its kinda make me feel special...ayayay!

May kilig factor!


He had his first paycheck and he was so excited telling me how much he earned and I'm proud of him. Told me he gave half to his mom and the rest he will save at the bank...

"I'll be saving up so that when you come back next year, I will be treating you to anywhere you wanna go, anywhere you wanna eat without you spending a single penny..." he said

That gave a smile to my face. He deserves everything that's happening on his life right now, his loving family, great friends, new job, and having me!!! toinks! haha

"If someone fall out of love, or got tired of the other, or met a new guy...please let the other guy know, OK?" --me

"Yeah, that's what I want too, to tell it straight, walang gaguhan...(no cheating) I want an honest relationship." he answered.

I had that conversation with him because let's face it, we are miles away from each other, though we love each other, we never know what might happens next...or someone will come and suddenly you don't love your boyfriend anymore, though its tragic but, what to do?

"I think its you who would get tired of me first" I teased

"Really????you have your Brian! Is he courting you, anyway? Tell me...seriously?" he asked

"No. I told him I'm happy with you." I assured him

"I got a feeling he will try to take you from me...I just feel it." he continued. But I tried to convinced him Im not going to waste what we have just like that.

"You love me?" --me

"Yes. Too much. As in uber." --Clayton

"Hahaha. You're good now ha! nabobola mo na ko!" --me

After two hours:

"Go to sleep Mac, you need to rest! Stop chatting with anyone else" --Clayton

"You go ahead. I'll sleep at 4 o'clock...hahaha" --me trying to annoy him. I'm not really chatting with anyone else aside from him. He's worried that I might flirt with some gay guy and he's jealous hehe.

"Potaena matulog ka naaaaaaaaaaaaa!(F*ck! go to sleep!!!!) Do you want me to beat you?! enough chatting Mac. I'm serious please stop chatting. Go to sleep its 2am already." --Clayton

"yeah, yeah, I will log out now, but you go ahead first..." I was really laughing while typing those words. I knew he is really annoyed.

" ..|.."

he sent me that instead. Fuck you sign. hahaha!

"lets sign off together, nowww!"

"OK, OK!"

Don't tell him but, I didn't sign off

just clicked "invisible mode"

*wink* wink*


soltero said...

ahaha u naughty naughty..hmm did u talk to somebody else after that?

Nimmy said...

ini-stress mo si clayton ha. badddd. echos.

ang cute niyo. :)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

Tama naman. hehe kilig na sana kaso... bakit ka nag-invisible? hmmm...

Mac Callister said...,i didn't im just not yet sleepy at that time.sanay ako matulog ng late e.

@nimmy--thanks!sana laging happy kami.wishessss

@citybuoy--haha para mauna na siya,pero wala na ko iba kausap nun.kung ano ano lang ginagawa ko online LOL!

at cute ng pic mo ha!haha

Phunk Factor said...

Awww...he's missing you soo much...already planning for nxt yr! CUTE!!!

N he's being possessive about you...well, he's kinda got the right!!

Give him my regards....if you can! :)

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--i kinda loving it,he is sweet in his own little way hehe.

marvin said...

hahaha! nasty nasty u! keep it up and enjoy the relationship. :))

KUMAGCOW said...

lagi naman invisible yan LOL

Mac Callister said...

@marvin--thank you,so far happy naman kami. :-)

@kumagcow--hoy di a!!!

Vitori Vita said...

hahaha! parang ako lang... =)) you are so funny... mas masarap mg invisible mode... =)

pusang kalye said...

that's called sacrifice and yeah---we sacrifice for the people we love. it's us giving a part of ourselves to them......kilig

Mac Callister said...

@vitori--haha di naman ako lagi invi,minsan minsan lang!

@pusang kalye--and I am thankful for him for doing that...thanks for being here...

toffer said...

LOVE KA NIA PROMISE!!!haha..wag nang pakipot...

Mac Callister said...

@toffer--yeah and I love him too hehhee!


Hi Mac.. hope yur ok....


(Cory's sign)

Fickle Cattle said...

awwww. :-)