August 12, 2010

Back On Track

After 5 days I could say I'm done with my dramatic moments! haha. No more loneliness. No more homesickness. As soon I started working, being with my crazy colleague, being busy again, I am definitely back on track!

It just sucks that I am back on doing the laundry. Ironing of my clothes. Doing the dishes. Cooking. Cleaning the house all by myself. The price of being alone or independent.

It just good to know that at the end of the month I will get paid once again! Yahoo! I missed pay day!haha.

Vacation in the Philippines was a whole lot of fun, but only for a month or two, if I stay for like more than 3 months, that would be boring, if you are used to working and being busy most of the time, your body would be screaming back to work, plus I spent all of my money, it will suck big time to have a long vacation if you don't have much money to spend anymore! LOL

Clayton and I are good. We talk online almost everyday, phone calls once in a while. He never missed to send me a text message everyday. I am loving him more and more.

I love you baby ko, please bear with my moods and my horny-ness LOL :-)


Phunk Factor said...

You two (Clayton n u) seem to be going great! I kno LDRs are so freak'in tough being in one myself...but i'm really happy to see you two getting along really well!!

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--true,im missing him everyday,but i could feel our love thru distance so im happy about this.goodluck on both our LDRs haha

KUMAGCOW said...

Sana lang hindi horny talks and texts 24/7 LOL that would be like torture for you haha =P

Mac Callister said...

@kumagcow--haha hindi naman lagi!may decent talks din naman kahit papano!

Knoxxy said...

is horny-ness a bad thing?