August 1, 2010

Last Date,Last Kiss,Last Sex!!!

The lampshade was the only source of light on that dark room. I was watching Mamma Mia over my laptop last night, its my first time to see it. Some scenes made me laugh and some made me cry. I was sitting on the bed and my back at the headboard from time to time I have to switch attention to the monitor and to the one on my arms.

He was snoring like an old car engine who wouldn't start. But I didn't mind if I can't understand some dialogue from the movie with his snoring...I just kept my body still so that I won't wake him. I know he is tired as hell.

I remembered him rushing to see me last Saturday night from the mall. He's almost 2 hours late. Its our last date. Last time together. On his semi formal attire, sweating, tired, and looked...So...maasim! LOL!

(well, its hot last night and he's been up since 10am for a meeting at work till 6:00 o'clock and he have to travel all the way from Cubao to Alabang plus the fact the I might be so mad as hell which added to his already stressful day)

I don't have the heart not let him rest for a while.
We are in a hotel room and its late.
Technically this is our last night, last f*ck! haha.
But I think the best term for this night is, bonding time.

Well, that's the plan. A whole day and night
Together, me and him. Just us.
Doesn't have to be sexual all night. But a real time.
A time to talk. To kiss a little. To kiss a lot.

To hug each other tightly...
To f*ck....hahaha!
Nagmumurahan din kami minsan-minsan, you know!
And a little pitik sa ilong if someone gets annoying or cheesy.

The best part above all this, I have him in my arms all the time. Its like I don't wanna miss a thing (kanta yun a!) Its like I want to take all the chance to hold him and hug him so close to my body. I want to savour each minute and save it in my mind...and play it again when I'm away.

I looked at him and I see a person so annoying for snoring so loud. That I wanna pinch his nose so that he wont be able to breath...and struggle for air. So that I'll laugh so hard if he die! Just kidding! hahaha! I just have to kiss his forehead and sigh...

And oh, I finally told him that I love him for the first time
It was this Sunday morning, both naked
I looked at him in the eyes while I was on top of him
And said: "ohhhh...ahhh...shit Clayton....I loooooove....youuuuu.....ohhh"

"I love you too, Mac..." he whispered

I want to regret saying it after he came and didn't wait for me! I feel like getting my machine gun and shoot him in the nose! I punched him like over and over again saying "kaasar ka! kaasar ka! " But its alright I came after a few minutes after I flipped him anyway.LOL


Phunk Factor said...

Sounds hot....glad to kno u had a great time with him!!! My last kiss is happening the cmng mch as I can't wait fr it...i don't want it to come...he's flying bak home the nxt day!

Mac Callister said...

@phunk--really?then make the most out of it.we kissed till our lips got sore!haha

Branden said...

The last kiss is like the soft and magical end of a beautiful song :P ... isnt it? but hey there are more songs in the album.

ibañez said...

wow. . . sinulit ang last bond ah

Nimmy said...

ang cute niyo Mac! super cute! never realized how flipping someone can be so sweet. chos!

~Carrie~ said...

Bon voyage, Mac. It's good that you made the most of your time there.

wv: unmated. Naman! Ipaalala pa sa akin ang katigangan ng buhay.

KUMAGCOW said...

Congratulations! Boom boom pow sa kanya LOL

Knoxxy said...