January 11, 2010

Friends Again

I was silently watching him sleep and snore on my bed

hugging my pillows

I was on my couch beside the bed in front of my laptop

He is contagious I felt sleepy too, but stopped myself from joining him, it might lead to something i will regret later!

he's just lying there a minute ago and talking to me

In just a short moment...


Just like the sound of a truck that wont start its engine!LOL

Its not Darkguy. But its Aldwin.

Wait! Wait! before you react and say I'm so slutty, well, we didn't have sex OK! We're just...friends!LOL

Anyway, as I was saying, as I watched him sleep, I remembered what had happen in the past month...we had a misunderstanding and we didn't talk the whole December (remember this entry?click here) I erased all traces of him on my network , on my phonebook, on my messenger, on my facebook etc. I was mad at him and no plans of remembering him at all.

But what I hate about myself is, I'm too kind!LOL...Am not kidding, when I get mad on someone, next day or two, my anger will just banish to thin air! true! of course I still remember what happened, but the feeling of hate or anger is no longer there. I don't know, maybe its weird.

I continued on my life here, new year came, I received a text message greeting me on that day, and I didn't know who it came from, I said "Hey,thanks. You too have a happy new year. But wait, you forgot to put on your name, are you wowie?" and I don't receive a reply. It made me curious. I let it passed, but when I'm erasing messages I run on it again and was so curious who it was from. But my instinct was telling me. It could be Aldwin. Besides he's the only who is not listed on my phone list that greeted me this holiday.

Its him when I asked. He asked if I'm still mad at him, and Isaid not anymore and its all in the past and its the new year. So that's it, we saw each other last week and we watched Avatar at the cinema here at Doha. We didn't talked about what happened last month that led to our bitter separation, or point fingers whose fault it is, we just go on and continued what we had from that point.

A week after, its my day off, he texted me and here he is. On my room. We had lunch at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon after we ordered bulalo and sinigang na hipon. Its a non stop conversation and laughter and I can say, there is good chemistry between us...and I pray that we won't have to get through another misunderstanding. I need him. I don't have a friend like him here. It gets lonely at times, you know...even though I have many friends at work, but having him is much different...

we are the same...

gay...both alone here in Doha.

So I think we need each other.

"I thought you're going to watch that cartoon for only 20minutes and you'll take a shower?" he suddenly asked that brought me back to my body from wandering elsewhere haha.

"ooops, sorry got carried away, but I thought we're not going out? and just stay here and watch Fame" (haha soo gay!LOL)

I took a shower and when I came out the moron was busy watching my collection of broke straight boys video! and after sometime, we're both staring on my laptop and watching porn!!!!

We even talked about our own penises!LOL

His phone rang and he needed to go home immediately, someone interested to rent his flat.

"I will jerk off when I get home haha!" he said before I closed the door.

In my mind: kala mo ikaw lang ha!ako din noh!LOL


blurosebluguy said...

interesting.....tama ka mas mabuti sigurong friends lang kayo.....mabuti na rin yun...may kausap at karamay pag kailangan mo...iba rin syempre pag may kaibigan ka....
salamat sa comment mo....

noel said...

sayang nag-ring ang phone. haha. have a good day, mac!

Jepoy Dacuycoy said...

ang landi mo kuya mac. hahaha. ayos yan. friends na ulit kayo.

m2mtripper said...

Friends with benefits?
pero parang mahihirapan kayong i-set ang limit.
Feeling ko naghihintayan lang kayo pareho.

Pero kahit anong mangyari, TEAM EGAY ako!


dencios said...

umayos ka mac. at makinig ke boss bluroseguy

Chris said...

haha.. u notti.

Lloydy said...

im "new" here kuya Mc..
but i have to say na mabuti naman
at friends n kau ulit (kahit hindi ko alam ung talagang ngyari sa inyo..)
somehow, anghirap na kasi ayusin kapag nagkaroon na ng lamat noon e, but good thing kahit paano OK na kau.. i wish u peace of mind and heart.. ^^

joyo said...

haizzz bakit naiinggit ako? :D

Chronicler said...

Ur right Mac. Its nice to have a close friend even with benefits. Just make sure that you both know ur limits if you want to stay that way. Bottomline, you need a friend and I bet he needs that too.

Darc Diarist said...

methinks i should go abroad to have more fun "encounters." hehe

marvin said...

gud 1 mac. opting to being just friends and taking it slow means less headache and less pressure. mas ok naman kase na you let everything come and happen naturally - hindi yung palaging nagmamadali wala namang pupuntahan. enjoy every moment and learn from all the lessons. may advice? hahaha! :)

Mac Callister said...

@blue--oo nga,di naman ako expect ng anything,sana di na kami mag away haha

@noel--haha wala naman ako ibang binabalak no!thanks for being here

Mac Callister said...

@jepoy--hey nice name!haha sarap kaya lumandi LOL!

@m2mtripper--oy anong friends with benefits!walang ganun no!we're just friends!

at pls lang no,yuckkkky ang team egay mo!LOLLLLLLLL

@dencios--haha oo naman!namiss ko blog mo!

@chris--am I?LOL

@lloydi--hello welcome to my blog!come back again ha!

@joyo--asus ikaw pa e mukhang lalakero ka?LOL

Mac Callister said...

@chronicler--correction!its not friend with benefits ano baaaaa haha

@darc--haha you should!

@marvin--true!thank you sa payo ate charo!LOL

Zai Zai said...

hi mac! okay na din sigruo ang set up nyo for now. at least you're enjoying (very much enjoying!) each others company hehe

citybuoy said...

sabi nga ni ate whitney, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. haha no shame, brutha!