December 9, 2009

Pissed And Curious

Everything was alright a while ago, we were chatting, texting, in fact I almost forgot about what happened that night, until you ruined it.

Pissed off.

That's the right term for what I'm feeling right now.

Why there are people who only sees your fault and not their own?

When in fact you had that fault as a result of what they first did to you? Like butterfly effect. Everything is connected.

Meaning, you did something, as a result... I acted like that.


And what troubles me was, you're putting all the blame on me? Have you analyzed what had happened that night? Did you ever tried to remember moment by moment what had happened? I already told you why I acted like that and you kept on insisting its because of me? WTF! Man, you need to look at yourself. tsk !tsk! tsk!

Damn, the term you used on your messages, wow! really pained me.

Now, you need to go. Out of my life.

Shutting the door now.

Anyhow, change topic before i bore you with my anger hehe. Someone left this message on the comment section of my blog. From an anonymous person. Who could you possibly be?

"I miss you. i wish it didn't end the way it did. I hope you're OK there. Sana natuloy yung pagkikita natin (hope we did see each other) before you left."

Please send me an email and identify yourself? Who knows in the end we are the one for each other! echos!!!!


dencios said...

turo mo sakin yung kinabubusitan mo, tangina nya titirahin ko para sayo.

Chronicler said...

The object of your anger...I hope it was not me.....

Jules said...

Hhmmm, curious! =D Who would be that guy who is missing you? Hhhmm, may nakaraan? lolz =D

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Brown Mestizo

Bleeding Angel said...

Mac tnx for the call last time. I really appreciate it.

The best is yet to come... Enjoy k muna jan kz bgo k p lng jan kumerengkeng k kagad! Hahaha mwah!

sakpin said...

lolololol... i like how you reacted on the last phrase. hmmm.. how will u react with this kaya? aabangan ko ang labstory mo.

Mac Callister said...

@dencios--wag na di siya deserving pag aksayahan ng panahon!LOL

@chronicler--haha paranoid?di ako galit,kaso what were you thinking doing it!hehe

@jules--yeah,me too,im not sure who he is,many guys back home before i left?LOL!!!!

@bleeding angel--haha yeah i will call u again some time,i miss u already.

kerengkeng ka jan!behave kaya ako!

@sakpin--hay abangan,pero di pa siya email sakin kung sino man siya hehe

hey,thanks for being here

taga-bundok said...

someone who cannot accept his fault is someone who cannot stand you are all right. tama ba yun? :)

anyway, si mystery guy ayos sa moves ah... hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

waaahhh..galit ang mac....hayaan mo na yun!!!!!!

....hmmm..bagong kabanata na naman toh ...mystery?????

Anonymous said...

waaahhh..galit ang mac....hayaan mo na yun!!!!!!

....hmmm..bagong kabanata na naman toh ...mystery?????

Nash said...

sino ang mysterious email sender? hmmm

well let go of your anger

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