January 22, 2010

Put Your Hand Inside

Its always hot seeing a guy putting his hand inside his pants and reposition or adjust his d*ck when they think no one sees them! such a big turn on!haha. I remembered when I was in high school most of my male classmates are doing it, for two reasons (1) they're having a hard on, and they called it kambiyo haha; (2) it got caught or was in an uncomfortable position inside their briefs. I just love it.

But I believe its not respectful when you guys do it with girls around. Did I just sound greedy?LOL

Especially when you do this:

And a bonus to all you perverty readers, just look at Taylor's Lautner's (Jacob of Twilight Saga) bulge here!!!! Its so cute!LOL

Yum! Yum! Extra rice please!!!LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


Michael Rivers said...

Love the pictures. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Tamang tama ang post mo.
Ang aga-aga tapos umuulan pa dito sa kinalalagyan kong parte ng mundo.



Ming Meows said...

napakamot tuloy ako kay junior

Anonymous said...

love taylor, cute bulge indeed... lol at your post. remembered our HS days too... our hobby was to watch the basketball and soccer varsity hunks do kambiyo and count the kambiyos they made for the whole stretch of the practice.. lol.. fun... those were the days

Mac Callister said...

@michael rivers--hey thanks!

@m2mtripper--asows tag-L ka na naman!LOL


@pura--haha thats exciting ha!natawa ako!

citybuoy said...

*tulo laway* hayop ka, taylor.

Manech said...

This made me blush. Haha.

I like kambyo too, very much. But it's even better when somebody's doing that to/for you, and vice versa. Haha.

imsonotconio said...

may nagbalik!

efrenefren said...

oh yes. i love it!

Prosti said...

Gusto ko na magsa lobo para kay Jacob. LOL