December 14, 2009

Sleepy and Lazy

Been very busy these past few days, and besides I hate my schedule at work, am always on the morning shift! need to wake up at 4am for everyday like forever!!! and do you know whats the biggest challenge?! taking a shower! LOLLLLLLLLLLL!

Its freakin' cold here in Doha now, every one's wearing jacket and I cant believe its actually raining a few times this week! Rain in the desert?? Good thing I have my heater fixed right away, or else I'll freeze to death inside the shower! wanking doesn't help much LOL!

I suddenly remember our country... oh-oh-oh, I don't want this to be a sad entry, so anyhoooo, my monito on our x-mass party's exchange gift gave me a queen size comforter, and I'm really loving it. Very much needed. So thank you, sir.

Due to my wonderful working schedule, I'm always sleepy at times, too lazy to make a blog entry, I don't know, i spent most of my time sleeping, here's what am doing, I'll wake up at 4am then go to work at 6am to 2pm, then when reached home, I'll just eat something light, then at 4pm I'll take a nap then wake up at 8:00 o'clock, cook my dinner and my baon for the next morning, then sleep again at 12 or 1am and the cycle goes on again.

So basically I'm not so productive at all!

Anyway, I bought a 350 GB external hard drive yesterday, because I'm running out of space to store all of my daily porn downloads LOL! and did I tell you am a TV shows addict! I think I saw almost half of the TV shows shown in the US. Heroes is one of my all time fave, then recently, Glee, but now I think I'm so much in love with The Vampire Diaries! I'm so into Damon! I just love his bad vampire image! so sexy-whooop-so-sexy-whooop-whooop!hahaha


Nash said...

I love Heroes, Prison Break and Gossip Girl

hehehe :P


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Anonymous said...

OMG, I was LMAO when you said you are running out of space to store your daily porn downloads! And
I thought I was the only one having that problem....

Anonymous said...

Porn Downloads FTW! Hehehe.
Fave ko Jap Porn!
Tsalap! Tsalap!

Kailan ka ulit magpapalit ng sked?


Mac Callister said...

@nash--yeah I;ve seen them all too haha,pero di ko pa tapos ang gossip girl

@anonymous--haha yeah di lang ikaw ang ma-L! kidding!

@m2mtripper--waaa i dont like jap they have small dicks and they blurred out the exciting body part!

Anonymous said...

miss krismas sa pinas, too! super miss ko waaaaahhhh!

Boying Opaw said...

sinubukan naming panoorin ng kapatid ko ang heroes. ilang minuto ang dumaan, nakatulog kami. umaga yun nung pinapanood namin.

samantalang sa desperate housewives, inaabot kami ng alas cuatro ng madaling araw sa panonood. haha.

Anonymous said...

you're really something! lol i thought you quit downloading those porn. lol anyhoo, hope all is well... and quit being lazy, you bum!