November 28, 2009

A Promised Day

Thursday. Its the 26th of November, his birthday. My day off, I remembered this was the date where he invited me to go out for dinner the very first time we ever chat. I waited for him to invite me again or to confirm that we're still going out. When we chat he suddenly logged out, I felt bad. Then a call came, asking me what am I doing, that if I still want to go out that day. I said yeah, I need to send money to my sis, which is partly true and that I wanted to see New Moon too.

He asked, if I will be treating him this time, I said why, its your b-day you should be the one treating me to dinner and the movie. He said no salary yet for him, I gave in, why not, its just 35 riyals per ticket. And besides I really really wanna see that movie (well, if you're a follower of my blog you already knew that am a twilight saga addict) He said a big yessss after.

Before he ended the call he asked me: "What is your duty tomorrow?"( I said 2pm to 10pm.) is it alright if I sleep at your place tonight?"

Well, I was surprised hearing that from him, a little curious of course. But I said yeah, sure.We agreed to meet at my building's lobby after one hour. As I was preparing my colleague called me and asked if we could exchange duty the next day, I said yeah, who would refuse to have a two days off?! not me!haha. But of course I have to pay him on Saturday with a straight 16hours duty too.

We bought tickets first, as I was about to pay he immediately gave his own money to the cashier, I'm confused, I thought I'll buy the tickets for us, he said, he can still pay for it.

We ate dinner then went shopping, he was a little annoyed at me for choosing and going to shop to shop and get nothing! I'm choosing very well, you know haha. He said he's tired already. He was nagging me too for being late at the movie, it was already starting I think 15 minutes when we came haha.

I love it. Jacob Black is so hot! And Edward's lean body oh my goodness....I could get wet by just thinking of them!LOL

As we wait for a taxi, I told him I'm extra off tomorrow. He's scheduled to leave Qatar for 4 days to have his little b-day celebration at Abu Dhabi and Dubai with his friends this Saturday. He told me that weeks ago.

I'm still feeling bad for not getting the clothes I want due to lack of time. He said, we will come back tomorrow and have dinner again.

"Really?we will go out again tomorrow?" I confirmed.

As the taxi lead us to the familiar place, he told me: "Mac, I'll stay at my place instead"

"Huh? why? I thought you'll go at my place?"

"Well, I thought this was our last day, turned out we are still going to see each other tomorrow, so no need for me to sleep over now..."

Then he got out of the car as we reached his place and I went home alone.


afif=shafie said...

yahh....i love new moon too....omg!!!!ok cinema here i come for the third

Anonymous said...

hahahhaa...asteg ang new friend mo mac....ingat ka!..

Anonymous said...

The other day, I decided to buy "Twilight" but end up buying the whole set. Ngayon, hindi ko mabitawan yung libro (kaya matagal akong nawala sa blog ko).

Moving on, "So Slow" ba ang drama niyong dalawa?

citybuoy said...

loved new moon. not a big fan of what he's doing to you although i am a little curious kung ano mangyayari next. hehe

Yj said...

Jacob is MINE! MINE! MINE!

hahahaha nakipag away....

Jules said...

Be careful Mac. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Chris said...

i still haven't watch this movie yet.

Mangyan Adventurer said...


Kilig kiligan lang ako... Hahah!

Ingat ka lagi katukayong Mc!

Anonymous said...

ito lang masasabi ko di ko pa napapanood yan waaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

konting ingat sa mga fwend :)

stay happy!

Ur_iTchiEness said...

-its realy fun pag kinikilig ka..
well just enjoy the moments while it lasts...