November 21, 2009

I'll Sleep On Your Bed

The next day, he was different, no more messages, no more chats, I was sad. In my mind, so just because he didn't get what he wanted last night, not interested in knowing me anymore?

I was hurt.

I waited the whole day. I was impatient and contacted him first during the night! (i hate my self!) I asked him how he was and why he's not talking to me. He said he's busy and that we're not boyfriends to be constantly communicating...we're just friends, he repeated.


I thought we have something...I thought last night's great moments together will be a start of something...I was wrong...

So what if I gave in to our body's needs? would it make a difference? or should I be thankful that I refused to the lust we're feeling last night?

I told my self "OK fine, he's not the only gay guy in the world.

Two days after, he called asking where am I and whats my schedule, i told him I have duty from 2pm to 10pm.

"I'll see you in your house after ten, lets eat bulalo" he said. In my mind aba demanding ang mokong!haha. Bulalo ko gusto mo kainin? but I only thought of that!LOL. But I agreed. Maybe its better if we're really just friends. Which is what I really need.

I have an extra energy that day, too excited to come home. He texted me that he was on the way and be on my flat after ten minutes. I called the resto's number and ordered bulalo,but not available anymore so we had nilagang baka instead. I was too happy to see him when I opened the door.

We were talking that as if nothing ever happened between us, I suddenly relaxed and enjoyed our dinner. We had fun. He stayed for at least two hours, until he said he have to leave already, I suggested he stayed and leave in the morning instead. But he insisted on going home. I was disappointed I thought he will stay through the night, I wasn't expecting anything sexual... (but i have stolen lubes from work!LOL)

Saturday, it was my off till the next day, I was at home the whole time, I got bored when I suddenly invited him to go out and watch 2012 after seeing a local website that its already showing. I was surprised when he agreed. Agreed too fast. I mean i thought he would refuse and that I need to ask another friend to come.

"where and what time we go?" he asked.

I answered him and told me that he will wait on my building's lobby. 30minutes later he texted me saying he wont be able to come because he was doing something important. I asked him "why" and he explained, I replied

OK :-(

I was surprised when he sent the next message, "alright, I will meet you at 8!"

Haha I think its the sad face that made him changed his mind! We came in very late for the movie time, so we decided to buy the next ticket which was at 10:30pm time. We have 2hours to spare, he was hungry so we dined in at the food court, we're just talking there and appreciating many eye candies hehe. He was laughing at my jokes and stories.

He bought me ice cream and we're like children enjoying our cups of that sweet food! We entered this home store at the mall and we looked around and bought some stuffs and he promised that he will help me with cleaning my house since my house looks like shit! I told you guys I don't clean that much, I'm not use to cleaning the house. I told him I saw his former room at UAE (since he was originally working there before moving here) and that I love what he did on it.

He even said he will decorate my room for it to look nice and relaxing. "But will you really clean my house? and do the vacuuming?" I asked. "alright, alright, I will do it..." he said.

yessss!!! I said while laughing

The movie 2012 was awesome, great special effects. But failed to make me cry unlike those moments from independence day or Armageddon when they have that touching moments.

"Will you come with me when "new moon" opens?" I asked him after.

"definitely" --Aldwin

Its 1am when we reached home. I invited him to stay since its very late and he told me he forgot to bring his keys and I promised him he don't have to share my bed, that there's an extra room for him. He agreed.

"would you like me to prepare your bed at the other room? I asked.

"there's no need, I can sleep at your bed" he said

We slept together for the second time, this time no hugging, no kissing, its just plain sleep over of two gay friends. But damn, i cant sleep!haha I wanted to hug him and him to hug me.


He woke me up next morning and I walked him to my door and he left.

I jerked off again! LOL


Brian Finch said...

My dating life is horrid. I've had a few moments like those you have described. Found you through Twitter @Positive Lite here.


JIMG29 said...

ur sexperiences with Aldwyn need not be pulled by guilty strings; fwend's benefits is creme dela creme of any relationships and you shouldn't be ending it up by pathetic self wanking.

but of course i respect your reasons.

bampiraako said...

Ok lang yan. Malay sa susunod. haha

afif=shafie said...

lols.....he may read your post...didnt he???
haha..anyway,all the best!!!
love the ice cream part...:)

Galen said...

Do you really want him to be just your friend, or you are hoping it could become something else?

Lets see what happens next. Seems he's giving signs that he's still open for something. :)

The T-shirt Maker said...

That's sad

Anonymous said...

ang hirap ng kalooban mo .... pero kung friendship nga talaga yan....ganun nga siguro ang mangyayari.....

Anonymous said...

Wow... Walang nangyari?
Di bale, malay mo may mas malaking bagay na parating!


Chris said...

I still haven;t watch 2012 yet.

Jules said...

Hhmm, i think friendship lang tlga. Pero now orries, baka may mas maganda pang mangyari sayo. =D

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Brown Mestizo

citybuoy said...

aaargh! maybe next time!