November 26, 2009

Better Off As Friends

After my night duty next day, I was currently sleeping when he ruined it by calling me after 2pm, I only had 6 hours of sleep then, I'm supposed to wake up at 5!!! Damn him! He said he will be at my front door after ten minutes. I said OK, while my eyes still closed. I went back to bed after I hang up.

I heard my loud doorbell, I lazily went to open it for him. "you're very early, you should've come around 5pm!"

"its already 3:00 o'clock, you have enough sleep already" he said while he followed me to my room and he sat on my sofa and felt like a king on it!LOL

I went back on my bed and closed my eyes, my head aches. I had a busy night on work last time. He opened my TV very loud!

"Mac! lets order pizza come on!"

"you go order!" I yell

"you dial the number, this is your house!" he teased. I didn't move, he had no choice, he dialed it himself.

I wasn't able to sleep no more, so I joined him on watching TV and wait for our pizza to arrive. After 30 minutes we are both having fun eating. He was trying to tease me about our text conversation two nights ago, I avoided it and said, lets get it over with, I'm drunk that time LOL!

I could laugh about it already and felt stupid remembering it. I felt fine while we're together, its like we're two friends hanging out and enjoying each other's company. After eating pizza he went to my bed and about to take a nap. "what are you doing?" I asked

"I'm sleepy Mac, I wanna sleep for a while..."

Napakagaling di ba!

"what???! you ruined my sleep and now I'm awake thanks to you, you will sleep on me this time?!I hate you!" I wanna throw a pillow on him

"just for a few minutes, you can join me, if you like
" he said. I cant believe this guy!grrrrrrrr! I took a shower instead, took my time. And when I'm about to finish he's joking that there's a ghost on my house. I said "shut up!" haha.

We went to the business street near my area, I have some stuffs that needs repair, like my phone cable extension and he willingly offered to come with me. We went at the supermarket too, since I don't have anything to eat for the next few days. He carried the basket and helped me decide which stuff to take, we decided that we want "tinolang manok" for dinner and he promised he will cook.

We even found this cute guy choosing potatoes and we both admired his cuteness, nagpa-cute pa nga kami e!LOL

The cooking time was fun, we are joking around while I chopped some onions and garlic while he did the ginger, etc. I watched him cook and promised me that it will be good. He even put together the phone cable I bought and fix it for me. He suggested a lot of things to my house and said he will help me.

Well, the tinola was good, I ate 3 cups of rice!LOL. We were laughing so hard at the episode of PBB where Rica was too obsessed smelling Johan's towel with his sweat after a game of basketball!!!

"I told you, we are better off as friends!" he said after a while. I definitely agree.

Yesterday he invited me to see a movie "the box" at the mall and I had him waiting for almost two hours, he was a little pissed ofcourse. What to do, I was so sleepy, that's why I took a nap first before meeting him haha.

The movie was creepy. I didn't like it. We went shopping after. He told me its his birthday this Thursday.

"what?! really? why you didn't tell me sooner so that I have time to buy you a gift" I joke around haha, when in fact I have no plans of giving him one LOL!

"so are you going to treat me on some fancy restaurant on your birthday?"

"I already made my treat, I bought you tickets to the movie, right?" he teased

"What?! just that!No-no-no!" I protested haha.

But I found out he will be busy on his birthday, and he is not sure if I could be squeezed in. Well, that made me sad. But its alright, its his big day, he can choose which ever way he thinks will make him happy. And besides I don't wanna sit around and just be a rebound guy if something went wrong on his plans and be a panakip butas after. I have my pride you know!LOL

If he wants to treat me or not, that's fine by me. I have no more expectations from him.

I still need that great companionship, that great best friend that I wish for. Someone I could talk anything about. Someone who never get tired talking to me. He failed to give me that. I don't know how long this could last, maybe he spend some time with me just because he has no choice whatsoever, or that if ever he eventually made friends here, or meet new crowd, he could hardly remember me, that I don't know.

So, my quest for another guy begins...Toink! ('',)


Nash said...

well I think being friends is much better.
at least no strings attached :)

Jules said...

Hahaha, wow! Nice to hear it from you Mac! =D Love what is happening between the two of you. Be friends and i think everything will be fine. =D Keep your friendship. Have a great day! =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Ming Meows said...

Mukhang nag-enjoy ka naman sa kanya teh. take your time na lang and enjoy your friendship.

afif=shafie said... for new guy begins!!!! hahahahha

gud luck ekaw...


citybuoy said...

i agree. sabi nga ni lenka, just enjoy the show. :D

Mac Callister said...

@jules--yeah i hope its a good kind of friendship

@nash--yeah i think so too,thanks for being here

@ming--thanks po

@citybouy--truelili hehe

@afif--hehe im just kidding when i said that if someone comes why not,but im not on the hunt!

Bleeding Angel said...

Wahhh mac pumirmi ka muna wag muna mghanap! Talandi kasing bata.. Pero alam mo mukhng happy ending kayo pag ngkataon...

Anonymous said...

whoa! i really need to check up on your blog more often, i'm missing out on this soap operas... :) anyhoo! hope all is well.

have a great weekend . . .

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Naks naman Mc! Hehe :)

Musta? Namiss ko ang blog na ito... Balik na po ulit ako....

Ast Abe said...

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Mac Callister said...

u can find my email on the sidebar of my blog

Mac Callister said...

@bleedingangel--ikaw pa din inaantay ko e LOL!

@mangyan--haha ikaw e alis ka ng alis LOL

!@starfish--hehe naku u missed a lot already


dencios said...

mac bakit ang angas mo ha? ha? ha?


Ast Abe said...

Thank you so much for responding.. I already emailed the survey questions.. Thank you very much! We really appreciate your participation and help.. Thank you again! Good day!