November 14, 2008

Weird Dream

I had a weird dream when I woke up today...its so impossible when i remember it haha,I was in metro manila and there was no MRT or LRT or any train at all around to travel fast,but instead all I saw was roller coaster!!!haha could you imagine going to work and you have to ride the roller coaster??? and another thing,after you ride it,you will have to take the escalators I mean lots of them there is no room for you to walk anymore,everything was so lazy...and then I saw my cousin Hilda suddenly she became the villain,she kidnapped this baby and when I look at her closely she has this teeth just like those of the sharks that its so scary!!!! That is so so weird for me,aren't I supposed not to remember my dreams?Why did I remeber it?I dont know maybe Im really weird as a person haha but what ever I love myself.Ciao!

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