November 16, 2008

"The Love Of Siam "Thai movie

The Love of Siam,this movie was so unexpectedly good!Its my first time to see a thai movie,it was showned at thailand Nov 2007 and I must say this one falls into my top 5 gay themed favorite movie of all time!
The main character was Mew played by Witwisit Hiranyawonkul (at the right picture)whew his name was hard to write and to pronounced hehe and Tong was played by Mario Maurer (at the left side?he is the one that I have a crush on hehe OMG Im a DOM haha.Well,the story was simple a young love since they were small 7 or 8 years old maybe they started as bestfriends and got seperated due to some tragic things that happened to Tong's family the lost of her sister,they got reunited in highschool when they bumped to each other accidentally,Mew is starting his band with his classmates they play lovesongs and he writes songs about Tong,while Tong has a girlfriend at the time but he didnt love her.Due to some circumtances they became close again,and Tong became confused about his feelings with Mew,and with one occassion when they were alone at the garden,they kissed and that scene was so romantic hehe!But the mother dont want Tong to be gay,he cant bear it,and she talked to Mew to avoid his son,and so the heartache begun,but in the end she understood and the she still love her son.In the end Tong approached Mew and they talk and Tong said "Mew I cant be your boyfriend..." Mew was hurt but Tong continued and added "but it doensnt mean that I dont love you.." and Mew smiled and Tong gave him a christmas gift and he smiled back...
I dont like the ending though,but I analized it for 2 days haha because Im so deppressed at the ending I want them to be together haha,but I realized that Tong said it becuse they are still young,maybe someday with the right age they can be together,and he still love Mew right,that's what important hehe.

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