October 7, 2008

Ex-bf Memories

I was reading a magazine at our living room today and my 4 year old nephew who's very talkative and energetic was at the terrace with his playmate when suddenly I overheard a part of their conversation he said "si ninong may friend na Brian ang pangalan..si kuya brian..kilala mo yun? si kuya Brian yun.." and I just said OMG..

Brian did a lot of influence and memories with my nephew! A little trivia, Brian was my boyfriend from august 2007 to may 2008, he was so close to my sister and her son since im so busy at work and we cant go out most of the time thats why he just spend the weekend at our home for us to be together, this is the routine for the duration of our relationship.

And that time he created some kind of bonding with my family, he cooks for us a great carbonara, he chitchat with my sister with girly stuffs and everything haha and he plays with my nephew and I think he misses Brian..hayyyy...so sad that we are over hehe and he didnt know that, for him Brian was just my friend maybe if he become older he will then realize that he was not hehe.

After we broke up I met Jaireh at end june and we became boyfriends, and I think Brian was hurt by that news, and after more than 2months we broke up too..you might say Im so used to breaking up. hayyy if you only knew how much I wanted to make every relationship work. Now me and Brian stay friends..he's texting me once in a while he asked if he could still visit our house if he has the time,and I said yes why not.

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