November 28, 2008

A Whole Day with the One You Love

The day finally came,november 27 thursday,the day that Im going to see my boyfriend for the second time after last week n maging kami,van palang going to ortigas excited n ko hehe.I was thinking what Im gonna say once I see him..hmmm..kamusta?or hello I miss u(parang korni hehe) or did u miss me?( oa naman haha)and I just decided na hi bhe its so nice to see u again nalang sabihin nauna ako dumating he's from work kasi graveyard shift siya from a call center company and it was 11am already 10am off niya.So I decided to go straight at POEA since my origanal plan for today was to go there and inquire about canada's job orders and etc and he presented himself to accompany me that he wants to be with me again(I was a bit kilig nga when he said that),he texted me and said nasa harap n siya POEA and meet ko daw siya sa labas.So I immediately spotted him at the crowd,who could forget his image, he was all Im thinking the whole 4days since maging kami hehe.and all I could say to him was "wala kwenta POEA"haha after all the thinking I did at the van what to say and yun lang pala ang masasabi ko,its so unromantic!haha.
Hmm,at the POEA I think they have to improve their system,they lack the signage where to go or what to do when you go there.Even the people at the counter you will have no idea whats in that,or what was the line!Unlike other government agencies.
Our next stop was my current agency bound to UAE as a therapist,they already did a second interview with me and Im scheduled for exam this january,my canada dream was only my fall back hehe.I mean if ever I dont get to UAE canada will be my other target.I just fill-ed-up some papers because they called me that I still havent fill that up.While doing that,JL (my bf's name) was eating his waffle hehe he's not eating anything since yesterday night kawawa naman!tsk tsk hehe.
So after that,we went to megamall to look for a place to eat and to cool a little down it was so hot that day!
After looking for a nice and not so crowded place,we decide to ate lunch at Tokyo Tokyo.We ordered beef teriyaki sumo meals that can shared by two poeple.He was so hungry and he ate 2 and a half rice hehe(takaw!)While eating I asked him about the friendster message he sent me the other night I said"ano naman yun message n yun sinend mo?"sabi niya" alin dun?" I said"yun minessage mo sakin nakalagy dun,sabi mo single?single pala ha!"(it was about my profile at friendster where I supposed to put -->in a relationship,but instead whats in there was --->single.hehe. And I said dont worry I already change my status to IN A RELATIONSHIP.
We headed at Taft to visit an agency that I saw at the net,riding the MRT we were so close standing in the middle of the train I was almost hugging him(hmm sarappp)u already know MRT was jammed pack!And if its so hot at ortigas,when we get to taft it was raining so hard and we are so wet we're only sharing one umbrella(sira pa!)while walking the streets!
But its not my lucky day,the opening for canada was full already.And at the other agency bound to new zealand,was not for me too.But its alright we have now the time to go on our date and we have the whole afternoon and the night(because we are not planning to go home today haha)

Mall of Asia:Its was 4pm already and we saw the movie "twilight",its was good,a love story,a complicated one,because the guy was a vampire who only drink animal blood.It was a blockbuster hit at the US,well,maybe bacause it was adopted from a hit book before and people are waiting to see it at the big screen.I cant kiss him this time because we were sitting next to a lot of people unlike the firt time we watched a movie hehe so we just settled at holding our hands.
After that good movie we stroll a little bit..once in a while we were holding hands naks HHWW(holding hands while walking hehe)but not for long,Im not the PDA type of guy and Im not sure if he is too.We stayed at the ice skating ring,watched the people enjoying the ice...I envy them I wanna learn how to ice skate hehe next time we are going to try that..i cant wait for us to get slammed at the ice because for sure we are not going to to the balancing once we're there hehe.
We had dinner,and then we think of a place to spend the night,he wanted me to stay at their house,but i refused im not ready to meet his family yet,and im not good at the family thing stuff I dont know,I told u,im weird hehe

And we finally decided where to spend our first night and Im a bit nervous and excited its been 3months since my last intimate time with someone.we run out of cash so I decided to use my card im a bit worried that it will appear on my bill next time and my sister had this habbit of opening my monthly bills!!!!!haha.For sure mabubuking na nag %%@@### kami!!!haha.And FYI we share every bills for today I dont want to be unfair to him,although I know he can afford it,i just dont like him taking all the bills,life in our country is not good mahirap kumita ng pera,right?hehe.

I texted my sister to tell her that im not going home,and she replied "ang galing mo.sino ba yan kasama mo?ano real name nyan alam mo ba???yun real name ha!" i told JL about it and he laughed,but my sister is very odd in showing her love for me hehe.She used to say,"baka mamaya mapatay ka sa pag date date mo n yan" and my eyeballs are just rolling when shes in that mood hehe.

So there we spend the whole night together...and..I cant tell you the details haha.The next day its was morning,we have to go home.And I gave him a long and passionate goodbye kiss hehe.
Thats all for now guys.Got to go!Ciao!

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