November 24, 2008


his picture.I cant reveal his face hehe

Finally,after almost 3 months with my broke up with Jaireh...I've found him! I mean im on a relationship again.Today when we were on a date I asked him..."ano na...i mean,tayo na ba?"and he said "oo".It felt like I won a trophy or something,because I really like him,after 3 weeks of countless chats and calls that I obviously flirting and courting him and now he's mine..i cant ask for anything more(well ofcourse there's still lots of what I want haha).Our official date was something I looked forward to,the entire week when we agreed to set its date and venue and everything.

I instantly felt the connection when we were talking that i didnt saw from the other two gay guys that I dated before him,and I know that time that he felt the same way towards me and I could read between the lines that he's looking forward to seeing me again.So after we ate our lunch,I ask him my "super-does he-like-me test" which by the way I always used on my first date hehe...I'll tell you this,everytime im on a date,ofcourse we will dine in at some resto or fastfood,then after that I will ask them(only the guys that I like ha), "will you watch a movie with me?" if they say "yes" for sure he's into me too haha.So I did that to him.And obviously he said yes hehe!

So we went to see this romantic movie,hmm what's the title of that again?...Ah! I remember its "Madagascar" hahaha.Yeah,we agreed to see that movie,and its good actually.But my primary concern at that time was.Oh no its animated,for sure there will be lots of kids!How am I be able to execute my killer moves on with kids on site!hahaha.Its a good thing that only few are watching to think that today is sunday.

Back to my story,inside the cold cinema,we sat at the side row,but I was surveying the area secretly because I wanna move to a more darker and private part hahaha.(Oh Oh You naughty pig!haha)So I said to him,"dun tayo sa taas pa,sa gilid" and he followed me.

So with the thought in my mind that he might feel the same way towards me,I might as well make it formal already,so there,I asked him if "kami na?" and he said "yes" nga,right there and then I held his hands and after a while I gently pulled his face towards me and I said.."pa-kiss ako.." and I kissed him softly...slowly...(without tongue pa ha muna syempre haha).That kiss was so amazing good...i cant describe it,I kissed some before,but I never felt like ithis before..It felt like something that I've been wanting without knowing it,you know what I mean?But then again someone is coming so I stop a bit,but i didnt let go of his hands,and he's stroking it..and I said to myself Oh no,Im having a boner haha!he never thought what he's doing making me ache .But ofcourse I cant tell him that haha.So i kissed him again and again(this time with mild tongue involvemen) in the dark holding his face so that he wont scape hehe.

Then we've focused on the movie,it will be a shame it we wont watch it right?.So I settled on hugging him instead.And after,we dined in again,we just love to eat dont you think?hehe.But then again we have to go home,its been 6 hrs that we're together and yet felt like its too short so I walked him towards the bus terminal and waved goodbye.Anyway wish me luck guys..hope this is the start of a nice and long relationship.This time I'm gonna make it work...

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