November 26, 2008

Another Day

This is our 3rd day as a couple.So far so good..well I know its too early to tell,but for me everyday is a blessing hehe.Cause FYI guys,Im the kind of person whom sometimes hard to understand,so thats why im happy he survived another day.Well as u can see on the picture,that is not his picture or a drawing base on his image..hehe.Obviously he is working on a call center at makati.When I texted about him with my two closest friends they just said "Im happy na naman!Yan din sabi mo last time sa isang partner mo!" I just laughed when I read it haha.We are going to see each other this coming thursday at ortigas,and we're planning on seeing the movie "twilight" its a big hit in the US on its opening slamming "The Quantum Of Solace" I guess.

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