November 14, 2008

TV Series Addict

I haven't been blogging for a while,I dont know I just got so lazy writing lately..all I did these past few weeks was lie on the bed while watching my dvd of tv series..first I watched season 1 to 5 of Grey's Anatomy..I never thought I will enjoy it haha,I never watched it on tv before..its so funny,romantic and dramatic lots of the episodes made me cry.Patrick Dempsey is so cute and when Cris O'donell guested I was so totally on him!Next dvd was 24 you knowe Kiefer Sutherland's tv series I finished season 1 to 6 haha it was so addicting I cant stop myself to watch from day till early morning! Its action-packed,lots of explosion,drama its like Im watching a really good movie I cant believed it was made for tv! Now I run out of dvd to watch haha..

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