October 2, 2008

"Wrong Signals Part 2"

The first sleep over was followed by another and another..and the next one was different, when we were lying there together, as usual I cant sleep when his with me, I felt him moved closer to me, our shoulders touched..and I was electrified..Oh my god it feels so good!!!So I pretend to be asleep..then his legs lie on mine…”Ang sarap shettt” hehe.And after that…I fell asleep!!!!!Damn!hehe.

We went to breakfast together,we were talking about anything and it felt good,as if we were partners in real life hehe. Then he’s sched changed to morning shift( 6am-2pm), so no more sleep over..I missed him, his smell, I don’t know I like his sweet sweaty like smell hehe. After 2 weeks he’s in the 2-10pm shift again and asked me again he will sleep at the lab.. I was told that he never sleeps at our lab whenever I was not the duty therapist. and it made me happy. It means he likes to be with me hehe.(*kiligg) this time I asked Brenda to help me moved this big box of supply to our sleeping area of Perry, so that it will become smaller, so he have no choice but to sleep really closer to me since the big sleeping area before is now become so small!!!Haha we were laughing at our brilliant plan!!!Now I can feel his body really closer to mine and Im excited! When he came and noticed the big big box at our area he just ignored it and just lie there..i can see how small our sleeping area has become when he was lying there OH MY GOD…We immediately prepared our meds which is due at 12am to give to our patients..it took us an hour..and now I can go to sleep and wait for any calls..wishing that there will never be cardio-pulmonary arrest case tonight!

Then I went to my very little space of our bed, I asked Perry to move a little bit because I cant fit in the space he left me (I told to myself “its ur idea to have it small now suffer”haha) and he moved so little,so I have no choice but to shrink myself in I went on side lying position and I was facing him..he was lying on his back ..and I was very close to his body and I can feel the air he’s breathing out..it was heaven!Then I lie my arms in his stomach as if im hugging him…as if his my boyfriend…and no movement…nothing at all..no reaction or something, I don’t know if he’s just pretending not to feel my arms in him..so I got aggressive..i move my head closer to his head..and my hands moved down his navel..I can feel his skin..it was smooth and with so very thin hairs…there’s still no movement from him…then I moved my hand again down…I wanna feel him…his genitals…haha I was so horny that time!!!And I was so curious if its big and if he’s really gay as I suspected!And when Im about to slip my hand inside his pants he suddenly moved and went on sidelying position so now Im facing his back!haha. I was silently embarrassed at that time OMG what have I done???How can I face him again? But at the back of my head I was a little amused hehe..did he just gave me the wrong signs or he just got scared at the last minute?haha

I was called at the ICU and when I got back at the lab he was gone he went home early than usual, I told Brenda what happened and she was laughing she cant believed that I really did it! From then on, I started to avoid Perry, I cant face him haha and I think he did too, he never called at our lab and never sleeps again.. and now after 5months he texted me, it was a forwarded message, a comedy quotes, I thought it was a wrong send message,but he texted again the next day,it was nothing special but it’s a good sign..and I missed him.

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di-ey said...

this is a light and funny story. can relate in some ways..