October 7, 2008

Wanna donwload your favorite series?

If you are a tv series fanatic like me and you watched everything and you cant wait for the next episode to be shown in our country or be available at our "manong dibidi-dibidi" haha like for example CSI:miami, Gossip Girl, Heroes and etc.,which already premiere their new season,well I have a solution for that..thanks to my friend kimpot!haha. He told me about this site which you can download the latest episode I want in the states.Its the "utorrent.com"...you must download this application first and then you go to "thepiratebay.org" and you choose whether you like movies or tv series or music videos or any application you name it they have it!And then after choosing,it will start downloading and you gotta be patient haha downloading depends on your internet connection,like mine,for example it took me 4 to 5hrs for one episode of Gossipgirl.But i must admit it was worth it!And i just watched the first 3 episodes of Heroes..it was fantastic!

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