October 1, 2008

Keep it Cool..

Its been three weeks now since me and my boyfriend broke up, I told to myself that its high time for me to take it cool, I mean have time to myself being alone for a while because I met Jaireh two months after me and Brian broke up, I wanna be alone for a long time I said to myself.

But here I am again on the gay chatrooms and websites chatting till my brains out..and before I knew it I was exchanging YM i.d and my cel numbers to guys that I enjoyed chatting at, that they wanna know me more,they said.And I was enjoying it,the constant chatting and texting, I cant even remember Jaireh..am a bad person?

I just hurt my last bf and now Im flirting with another one?and its not just one theres 3 of them! I mean not flirting literally..you know just cyber and text flirting,I only went on dates to those guys that I've been talking for about a week or two,to know if Im really sure to meet that person.

I havent met them yet,I only met one, and he's a fantastic guy, the date was fun,our conversation was spontaneous which is what I'm looking for in a partner,after our date we kept on communicating, I still need more time if I wanna ask the big question "can u be my partner?"hehe. Because I find it still early for that I wanna take my time, I dont wanna rush things like what happend between me and Jaireh before.

And I still kinda waiting for him to be a little thoughtful..its important for me...for me if you are not a little of that,it means you are not that concern for me.When I say thoughtful,its like texting me with what you doing,telling me you're not gonna be able to text me because you have to be away for a couple of hours,or that you will text me later so that I wont wait..something like that, little things that really matters.And if the guy cant be like that,well, I'll rather find another.

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