May 25, 2011


Last May 2o, I celebrated my birthday with just a few friends, but with lots of fun and loudest screams!

Since our family is going through some tough times, I've decided to spend my special day simple and practical. I don't want to spend too much while we're having this crisis which I hope shall pass soon.

I know some of my friends understood that by now. At first they were all, why are we not invited blah blah blah!

I've been dying to visit this theme park ever since they opened last year. On my birthday my two closest friends gave in and tried some rides that we thought we could handle! Well, that's what we thought! LOL

at the tower drop! amazing ride!

at the top dancer, i dont want to ride this thing again ever!

I don't know what they call this. But this one is an extreme edition! I will die riding that thing! So I bailed out!hahaha

I was screaming my heart out when I realized, I had the loudest and the girliest scream of all at the moment! and I was like, Oh-Oh! hahaha. Then I tried to contain it and shifted my vocal cords at the other mode and tried to scream like a straight dude this time!

It was hilarious! My friends are laughing at me! Dudes don't scream Mac, you're horrible! that's what they told me! OK fine!!!

After that, we're hungry as hell and we dined in at T.G.I Friday's where we had pastas, steaks and lobsters...small lobster! LOL

Well, it was nice having my two friends with me, we had fun talking and gossiping about anything while having these delicious foods hehe.

O di ba parang flores de mayo lang!

Just me camwhoring! (",)


Akoni said...

haha..@the picture..nakatakip eh

jc said...

happy belated birthday! :)

KikomaxXx said...

hala belated pala chong :)

Desperate Houseboy said...

Birthday pala. Happy ba? HEhehe... mwah

imsonotconio said...

happy bday ulit bakla!

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Oh, did you blow the candle?

Kamusta naman.

Happy birthday!


Mac Callister said...

@akoni--ganun talaga!hahaha

@JC--salamat :-)

@kiko--salamat tsong!!!

Mac Callister said...
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Mac Callister said...

@dhouseboy--happy naman...ofcourse hehe

@conio--salamat din bakla hehe

@chuni--walang candle e..too bad!salamat

Ming Meows said...


thecure said...

happy b-day--been there last two weeks w/ my friends, we only ride the roller coaster, but i didn't try the drop tower maybe i'll puke. only looking at them already makes me sick. we want to try race car but u need to wait 15minutes for the orientation what a waste of time..anyways u trully enjoyed ur b-day..belated ulit..