May 4, 2011

Dried Fish

We were talking over dinner and I was concentrating on his cute face while he speaks but I can't really helped but to look at his crotch!

He sat next to me with legs crossed (nakabukaka at naka taas isang paa and nakapatong sa silya, parang kakain sa baryo lang!LOL) and I swear I could see his groin area with his white undies under his skimpy shorts...

konti nalang lalabas na betlog nya! (a little more and I would see his balls!) His bulge was also very visible!LOL


RJ was hot!
he made me feel hot!


Lets go back some 3o minutes ago...(O di bah parang Heroes episode lang may flashback!haha)

RJ and I haven't seen each other for few days, blame it on different schedules at work. Even on facebook, we could hardly catch each other online. I've heard from an indian colleague who was assigned on RJ's area that he asked about me and I was happy knowing that he's looking for me too.


Finally, last night we were able to chat online. The usual hi and hello's and how are you's. We were just chattin about anything when he asked if I had my dinner already. I've told him not yet, but I'm about to. He asked what's for dinner and I said, I've ordered something at the Filipino resto nearby.

"Wow, pakain... (can I eat with you)" he said

"haha lika dito! (Sure, come up here!)" I teased. But I was not serious about it for I know he's just joking on eating with me too. But it made me excited.

"kakahiya...(its embarrassing...) he replied.

"Artista ka! Hahamon hamon ka ng pa-kain di mo pala kaya!LOL (you would tease to join me and you won't come here?!)

"What time you're going to work?" he asked instead

"I have to take a shower at 8:30 and leave the house at exactly 9:30pm"

"haha OK. I'll take a shower first..."

"Nah! there's no need for that! We'll just have a quick dinner! maghilamos ka nalang at konting wisik wisik!LOL" I insisted. I was wondering why does he need to take a shower???

"I'll just take a very very quick shower...can I? pleaseeeeee...dadalhin ko na din yun daing (dried fish) na bibigay ko sau" he begged. He promised to give me that dried fish from Manila earlier.

"Arte naman oh! Maliligo pa! hmmp!"

"Just wait for me...and you take a shower at 9 pm instead of 8:30..." he suggested. I was kinda excited for what's about to happen...he needs more time to spend with me at dinner that's why he's telling to move my shower schedule 30 minutes later? hmmm...kilig!

"Oh no, That's not possible I need an hour to prepare for work haha! (I checked the time, its quarter to 8:00) and be here at 8:00 o'clock! hurry and take a shower if you really want to!"

"yup! and hey, which floor you at? and what's your flat number?" he asked and I willingly answered it.

"And...can I get your cellphone number too?" he added.

"OK. See you in a bit"

I literally screamed inside my room!!I can't believe whats about to happen! me and RJ! Inside my house! Just the two of us over dinner! How romantic is that?! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

I called my friend Cher to tell her whats going to happen! I asked her what am I gonna do? shall I have our dinner over the main dining table or inside my big room on my own small dining table in it? Would it be so suggestive of any sexual intentions if I did invite him at dinner inside my room?

Argh!!! How I wished I'm off tonight instead of going on night shift! There's so much we could do if Im off!!! *Insert evil smile here*LOL


"I suggest you have it on the main kitchen, its still early to insinuate might scare him off a little bit, just take it slow..." and then she added "good luck, Just promise me details later tonight hah!".

I checked the kitchen and OMG! It was a big mess! I only have a few minutes to go! I just picked up everything which is not supposed to be there and throw it at the back of the sofa where RJ wont be able to see!LOL

I was preparing the table when he called and said he's already at the front door! Huwaaat! That's fast!

I run to my room and checked my own face at nag lagay lang ng konting blush on, lipstick and mascara sa mukha! Kidding!!!!

and opened the door...

He was wearing a red cap and plain t-shirt with a looks like more of a small boxers to me...

It was awkward at first... eventually we became comfortable and a few more minutes the conversation never stops. We talked about work, our colleagues, safe topics I may say.

Till he changed his sitting positions, maybe he got lazy and just crossed his legs (like in yoga sitting position but with only one leg up) where I can't resist but to take a peek on whats inside that white underwear...I could see his crotch...his bulge visible...I was disappointed on not seeing some pubes peeking out of the sides though but its still a hot scene for me! a little tease!

Then he shifted his position at the other side, maybe he noticed I'm looking at what I'm not supposed to look!hahaha! Kakahiya naman!

Deadma na lang ako kunyari!

Continued on eating while listening to his stories

"Wait! what time is it? is it 8:30 already?" I panicked

"Don't worry, its still early" He moved his phone away from me without checking what time it is. As if he don't want me to find out the time and end everything there.

This is the first time I've spend a long time talking with him. He was nice and pleasant to talk to. Walang ligoy ligoy and masarap kausap...

masarap din siguro katabi sa kama! chossss!

When we checked the time again its 8:40 already!!! He said his quick good bye and thanks for the dinner while I was walking him at the front door.

I went back to clean the dining table and found the dried fish he gave me. I smiled and thought, this is his own version of giving me "flowers"...



c - e - i - b - o - h said...

ang ganda ganda naman ng panaginip mo friend,, kakakilig,, kakawater.. kakaurinate.. LOL!!!

kilig much!!

Zip Reid said...

ikaw na talaga ang may kilig moment jan.. hehe

Ming Meows said...

go ahead, makilig!

Louie said...

Ikaw na kinikilig! Ayiiii!!!! Lol.

Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--hahaha panaginip talaga?di kya!true to life itech!

@zip reid--tama ka jan! :-)

@ming-- sarap kiligin kaya parang naihi lang ng masarap!hahaha

@louie--thanks!sana ikaw din kiligin jan!LOL

ZaiZai said...

para sweet, lagay mo yung dried fish sa vase! kunwari flowers talaga :)

Virex said...

nakaka kilig naman.. hmm.. i smell something fishy.. no, not the dried fish.. baka type ka din ni rj.. pero sabi nga ng friend mo, take it slow muna.. so good luck girl!!

Anonymous said...

matagal na akong nagbabasa ng iyong blog, besides na pareho tayong nagtatrabaho dito sa qatar, at least there is someone like you, who always believe in love and not giving it up, kinikilig ako sa mga storya mo tungkol jan sa hospital...lalo na sa bago mong puppy love..charmos ginamos!

cant wait to read more about u and Rj..


Mac Callister said...

@zai--hahah natawa ako dun sa flower vase ha!

@virex--ewan ko ba sa mga lalakeng yan!hahaha

@the cure--hey you're waiting for your email, andito ka din pala sa doha e!