May 28, 2011

Foolish Heart

It's just sad ...

that you don't miss me, like the way I'm missing you.
that you don't wait for me to wake up any longer and talk.
that you don't leave me offline messages whenever I'm not around.
that you don't text me anymore.

that you could spend an entire week without talking to me
that you no longer cares about me

How I wished it never ends, the good times, times that made me smile, times that I laughed at your senseless jokes...times that made me special.

Life is so unfair...because I miss you like crazy.
I've been waiting like a fool for you.
Been excited to open my inbox all the time to see if you left me any messages.

Keeps on waiting for your text messages...
I'm counting days after days after our last conversation and realized its been a long time since...
Been longing that you would finally care...

Yeah, you didn't.
It sounds silly, but its breaking my heart.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a loooooser! he's probably not that worth it, move on and get yourself a new man... lol

hope all is well besides all these drama you're having :)

happy friday :)

Anonymous said...

ilang beses ka pa susubok sa mali?

malungkot din ako pag nababasa ko sa blog mo na hindi ka pa rin masaya. Lalo akong naguiguilty na sana naging mas maunawain ako before, na sana mas inunawa kita. Pero it is our destiny, whether we like it or not it will happen...

Mac Callister said...

@vin--hahaha hey man musta ka na?you have free time to roam around huh! anyway, im good naman,I'll live.LOL

@anonymous--sino ka sa mga ex ko???LOL anywayz,thanks,well,ganun talaga, madaming pain,mas lalong magiging strong I guess...hahaha

thecure said...

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glentot said...

Sana maka-move on ka na para happy ka na uli.

Ming Meows said...

tanggapin na lang natin ang katotohanan

Mac Callister said...

@the cure--welcome to the blogosphere :-) sana magkita tayo dito sa doha soon hehehe

@glentot--haha im fine na thank you