April 14, 2011

Happy For Sis

care to join my umbrella?

Seeing my sister's pictures with her son and husband at face book ,who just came home from working abroad by the way, makes me really happy for her. They make a really cute couple. And I thanked her for giving me a very cute and adorable nephew. he calls me Ninong (godfather), gosh how I miss it!

My brother in law like me is an OFW who comes home every year. Finally, after a long time, at least even for one month they are family. A complete family.

The happiness from my sister's face is priceless...I love her dearly.


eto na, syempre eemote na naman ako!LOL

how I wish I have my own someone too...you know, a sweet partner to come home to.



JR said...

Andyan lang yan sa tabi-tabi Mac :-) - Try mo kaya mag-alaga ng dog? char hahaha

jayps said...

aww, a happy family always puts a smile on my face. :)

Anonymous said...

i am a son and a brother of OFWs.

i can so relate. hehehe


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

yan na naman..

Jpy Dee said...

darating din yan. kapag hindi dumating, bumili. Joke. :P

Lyka Bergen said...

A true example of Channeling Happiness. Now im happy. Viva Supsup!

Virex said...

yun pala ang pinaka point ng post mo.. hehe.. someday, magkakaron ka naman na ulit.. so for now, focus on the things that you do..

Nimmy said...

kapag nakaipon ka na dyan umuwi ka na dito. mas maraming choices dito! hehehee

JapaneseAdobo said...

wag ka malungkot darating din un when u least expect it

Mac Callister said...

@jr--hahaha bawal aso dito sa building namin!


@geek--talaga? kakatuwa lang kapag nag rereunite na sila :-)

@ceiboh--hahah rinding rindi ka na ba?!

@jepoy--o sige magkano rates mo?LOL

@lyka--hehe tomoh!

@virex--uy kmusta ka na jan sa japan?chat tau some time

@nimmy--haha sinabi mo pa~

@jap adobo--hehe di pa naman ako magaling jan!sanay ako expect ng expect!char!!!

the immigayrant said...

Congrats on being an uncle, Mac Callister!