April 27, 2011

Come Inside

My friends are funny, they are reporting to me every possible gay guy at the hospital they've met and would say: Mac, there's a new guy upstairs and I'm pretty sure you'll like him!

And me being so...curious! I'm about to say, slutty!LOL would go up and check him out!

Meet RJ. Pinoy, registered nurse at the ICU, 5'3'' in height,and cute hehe. I immediately have a crush on him.

My friends helped me to get a way with him, they did some strategy so that I could talk to him and introduced my self.

And yeah, after many days of talking to him I finally got his attention and we became facebook friends hehehe. We've been chatting for a while now, just talking about anything. There's one thing bothering me though...

He said he has a girlfriend.

"Hay naku, I'm pretty sure he just made that up!" my friends keep on assuring me. I had a hard time accepting that fact too, I mean he's way too obvious to me. He is one of us. And besides he kept on telling me we should go out sometime. I'm just waiting for the right moment to ask him out on a date.

The other day, I visited his patient assignment at the ICU, I was just hangin' around to have some moment with him, and he didn't disappoint me, he's too entertaining. He wanted to know things about me, he's way too curious on knowing me. Well, i might be wrong too, but I don't know. Im just enjoying this while it lasts.

You know what's funny?He's friends with R.A! whateva!!!

He asked for a mint candy because he saw me chewing one. When I returned he asked:

"Where's my mint Mac?"

"Oh here, i got you two...I was about to give you three...(for I love you) but I only got two instead!" Im not sure he gets what I mean haha but I laughed!

I was standing at the nurse's station waiting for my colleague when he called, he signaled me to come at his patients room. I didn't realize what he meant at first so I did not move. He called again, this time much clearer

"Mac, come over here...inside."

For a brief second, nalibugan ako! (got horny!LOL) its as if he's calling me to make out inside the private room with his patient inside! He look so hot while at the door calling!

I was curious what are we gonna do inside...

"come...close the door..." he shut the curtain close as I closed the door when I got in...taena talaga...tinigasan ako promise!LOL

"why am I here?" I asked

"nothing, just be here while I clean my patient..." he said while preparing his things


huwat???biglang lambot pututoy ko tuloy LOL! I was disappointed of course, but its alright at least we get to spend a little time alone, me and him solo on this room with a comatose patient! Things are getting better and better.

I moved closer to his side...so close that my body are squeezing his while he's busy with doing the oral care...I was rubbing my skin against his in a not so obvious way....well, maybe a little obvious, because he moved to the other side of the bed!hahaha I scare him off?! LOL

I wonder how it felt like making out in front of a comatose patient!hahaha.I was thinkin pa naman what if I kiss him right there or lick his earlobes! would he run off too?

Anywayz, we just talked. I noticed he's avoiding topics about his girlfriend. He was also asking about where I grew up, my family, etc, and he also shared some stories of his childhood, and how typhoon ondoy destroyed their house and properties.

Its a nice moment for us. So decent that my nose bled out!LOL

After a few minutes I told him I need to go. Because the other nurses might notice us spending so much time inside a closed room.

Baka isipin nila bakla ako!charr!


Nimmy said...

May nagpapasaya kay Mac ngayon oh. Eeeeeee!

Enjoy! Hahahaha.

Zip Reid said...

Ayos, lumalandi na naman.. hehe.. PEACE!
But it's nice to know may bago kang prospect.. Sana siya na! hehe

Spiral Prince said...

Maybe, just maybe, magiging good friends kayo, diba? :)

rising mark said...

hmmmm... (ay wala pala emoticon dito. anyways...)

Desperate Houseboy said...

ay heaven ang feeling Papa Mac :) hehe

JR said...

In 3, 2, 1 - NA NAMAN??? hahaha enjoy enjoy lang fafa! Learn how to play the game para di ka masaktan ;-)

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--tama ka jan!ienjoy lang~

@zip reid--landi landi lang, nothing serious :-)

@spiral prince--yeah naman,wag lang sana ako mainlab na naman!LOL

Mac Callister said...

@JR--hahaha natawa ako sayo promise!sira ka talaga! oo this time wag muna hayaan mag fall.guard my heart well naks!

@dhouseboy--kakilig lang!sarap~!LOL

@mark--hmmmm, what?LOL

ardent1 said...

wow naman, may bagong story na naman akong susubaybayan. Hihi..

sana post ka pic nya. lols.

hard2getxxx said...

since friends kayo sa facebook doon ka maginvestigate check mo kung mag gf nga yan

Mac Callister said...

@ardent--haha wala pang love story, may inaabangan akong naiibang e story at sana sa pinas un mag umpisa chos!

at di ako pwde mag post ng pic nya dito!SOWEE!

ardent1 said...

wow may another love story pa? Hihi.. ayus. :p ganda mo lang. :)

c - e - i - b - o - h said...

another landeeeeee moment ni mac sa hospital!! ikaw na ang higad ng ospital!! ahahaha

oooooooooooyy,, may bago na xang bet!! LOL!!

Mac Callister said...

@hardtoget--hinanap ko na nga!may nakita ako pic pero wala naman mga special ek ek dun sa wall nya hmmp

@ceiboh--hahaha higad talaga????

Kane said...

And so the search continues =) Pero Mac, 5'3 talaga? Or was that a typo? How tall are you ba?


Ming Meows said...

Hahaha.. promising!