April 19, 2011


When I came to our department on an evening shift, they told me immediately that the hospital activated THE DISASTER CODE...

I was like: Come again?

Disaster Code, they repeated. I asked why, what happened? We only activate this code during earthquakes, bombing, big fires, or anything which involves a lot of people being hurt. We already have standard plan for that, we already know what we're about to do in case of disaster like that.

But I haven't heard of anything, or news at all! that's why I'm confused.

The patients will be coming from Libya!


It all sinked in to my tiny mind! Due to the current situation and war going on in Libya, their own hospitals cannot accommodate their own patients. They need assistance to take care of their sick and unstable patients. They don't have enough health care providers left since many of them already flew back to their own country for fear on their own lives.

They'll be bringing about 5o patients. We don't know how many are critical. So everyone must prepare everything we need to assist in the emergency room. My senior staff continued.

5o people? Oh noooooo! I cannot imagine it! that much? we could receive many patients at our ER but not this much and all together at once! This would be chaos...I mean that's crazy!

and besides I'm not in the mood to be so busy today!LOL

On the other hand, I kinda felt excited, I thought, maybe this is what I'm missing, the action, the adrenaline, the craziness of the hospital when its too busy and too crowded when everyone was pressured to save more lives as much as possible!

parang yun napapanood ko sa Greys Anatomy! you know, yun may darating na sabog ang paa, labas bituka, putol ulo or puro tama ng baril. Nakaka excite un di bah? Its like we're inside the warzone!

They even asked me to join the team who would go take a plane to Libya and help pick up patients and bring them back here!

Huwat? me???? with eyes wide open pa yun ha! haha yoko nga! ano ko tange mabomba pa ko dun hahaha! Ibang bomba ang trip ko hindi mga bazooka!LOL

So, No way. I refused. yun lang! charrr!

The whole emergency room prepared for the worst, we brought many ventilators and bag-valve mask and all respiratory aids kit. I could feel the tension in the air. We are all first timers here. We don't know what to expect. We were oriented on what to do but its still nerve wracking when you're actually on the situation!

I saw CB. That flirty straight cute nurse that I have a big crush on.

Mac, you're covering our area?

Yes, I would be responding to all critical cases.

Good, but i want you on my bed. My bed only.

I wanna burst into laughters when he said his bed. He meant, the bed he was assigned to. That I should assist only on the patient to his assigned bed. It just sounded so dirty when he said it with eyes directly looking at me. That slut!LOL

Wag ka selfish! i-share mo ko sa ibang nangangailangan sakin haha!

He even helped me assembling my machine on his bed. "My hose is not fitting on the sucket, CB, this is difficult..." I continued.

"Maybe its still a virgin Mac...you gotta put some lube..."

I threw a pen at his face! good thing he was able to dodged it.

He came near me and took the hose Im holding and tried it himself, aww and sweet naman ni CB hehehe! Its been days that I imagined him on my bed. Every part of his body screams SEXY.

Taenang CB to! ang hot ng hayop!LOL

When everything was set. The time those patients are expected to come passed by...an hour...three hours... four hours...still nothing...

They even asked all nurses to stay till 12 midnight! e hanggang 10pm lang dapat sila!

One in the morning, they arrived...I was ecstatic.. I checked the room...one...two...and three...not critical...

more came...one by one...some are comatose and burned... some are victims of gunshot but stable, some are intubated already...and that's it!!!


that's it???? where's my crazy-chaotic-warzone-scenario????LOL

Anywayz, I was so disappointed big time, as in to the highest level of disappointment haha but I still helped managing the patients though, till my 16hrs shift ends in the morning.

hay naku!

OA yun nag inform na disaster code yun! tanga siya!LOL

FYI: di po ako nurse. I'm a therapist :-)


Sean said...

anti-climactic pala ang disaster code na yan. pero buti na rin hehe.

Mac Callister said...

@sean--ehehe sabagay buti nalang din at di ako napagod!

Virex said...

sayang naman.. naexcite ka pa naman.. ang saya saya naman ng buhay nurse.. parang gusto ko tuloy mag change ng kurso.. hehe

Anonymous said...

ah! si cb pala... ok, fine. hmph! hehe!

Nimmy said...

may next time pa naman Mac eh. hahahaha :)

Louie said...

At least some excitement poured in to begin your long 16 hour work di ba? Hehe.

Oh and that CB! Haha! Ang flirty lang. :D

Mac Callister said...

@virex--di po ako nurse!hehe pero sayang nga makakaranas pa naman sana ako ng magulong duty hahaa

@rising mark--asus!tse ka din!LOL

@nimmy--hindi na tinatamad na ulit ako haha

@louie--nalibang din naman kami kahit papano hehe and yeah ang hot ni CB!

Spiral Prince said...

go get CB and show him what you've got! ;)