April 15, 2011

In Just Two Months

are you ready for me?

For two weeks, I've been harassing my boss to allow me to go home this June first for my annual vacation leave. But he always say NO. His reason: too many staffs already going. He's giving me July, but I said NO-NO-NO! LOL

No one to blame but himself. He shouldn't allowed those without request to go. I made my request as early as December last year. I am legitimate to go. So I know, I am right to fight for my June vacation!

That was end of march, he said we will talk again this April when 15 more staffs from the Philippines arrived (grabe andaming hiring sa'min ngyon!). So I held his words, I calmed down and wait for those new staffs.

But 3 days ago, my friend Cher called me up and said that my boss signed Mina's vacation request this June 5!

Huwaaaat????? Just like that without a word he signed it!!! what is this? some kind of joke! Di talaga ako nakatulog nun gabi dahil sa kabuwisitan! LOL

I went to the office the next day and argued with him. I wont rest until he said yes! tse! I asked for back-up with other senior staffs from our department to point out how unfair it was to me. After a few minutes of debating. He finally said signed my papers.

So today, i woke up with a terrible sore throat and colds! LOL (not connected, just saying!) I got my forms and had it signed by everyone who supposed to sign it and went to the airlines of my choice and had my flight scheduled and ticket!

Yes, I am ready to go home this June 1. hangsaya-saya! its only 35 days, but its alright, I'm gonna make the most out of it.

I'm planning to meet some of few bloggers I'm following in between my busy days, some are them are:

the wholesome Nimmy and Leo, why? because they inspired me, they've been together for a long time now and still as cheesy as they could be. I wanna get to know them, they seems to be a lot of fun, ask them a lot of things and stuffs, they might give some advice on my ever hopeless love life!

Nishiboy--why? because he happens to live in Laguna too! uber lapet sa bahay namin hehe.

Jepoy--why? known him for more than a year na thru his blog and chatting na din. He has this great personality and it intrigues me :-)

Ceiboh--well, must say he became an friend online. He visits and leave comments on my blog most of the time. So its just right to finally meet him in person and tell him to eat! maygash ang payatot nya! char!

and HIM,

and HIM,

and finally HIM!...LOL

Anywayz, it would be memorable if Im able to meet them. Of course if they have the time lang naman da vah!

Hay how I wish tomorrow when I wake up, its June 1 already!


Nimmy said...

oo naman teh! bet ka din namin mameet. :)

hindi lang tayo natuloy last time kasi... bakit nga ba? hihi

Mac Callister said...

@nimmy--hahaha tinamad na ata ako pumunta manila nun!papaturo ako ng mga positions sa inyo ha!kiddingggggggggggggg

Leo said...

finally! sana mameet ka namin, at di lang positions malalaman mo... pati out of this world techniques! charot. hahaha. we're so looking forward to this meet-up!

Leo said...
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Désolé Boy said...

ang dame namang HIM nun..hehe

Anonymous said...

ikaw na ang may 35 days vacation! kakaingget! LOL

i wanna retire na

Bryan said...

wow! 35 days sobra inggit ako hahaha
unfair naman yang boss mo

Mac Callister said...

@leo--hahaha out of this world technique?huwaw!LOL sana matuloy na this time planuhin natin ng bonggang bongga!

@DB--haha kasi secret muna!

Virex said...

nice.. buti naman at napayagan ka.. gora ka na!! hehe..

Mac Callister said...

@mr.chan--next time kasi habaan mo na din bakasyon mo!

@bryan--konti nga nun e un iba 45 days pa!

Mac Callister said...

@virex--hay nakahinga nga ako ng maluwag bigla. atleast la na ko worries...

Anonymous said...

hahaha ayan uuwi ka na... hahaha... ingat sa pag-uwi sa june 1

Mac Callister said...

@kiko--oo nga e naghahanda na ko ng mga papasalubong!

KUMAGCOW said...

sarado na po ang airport... jowk hehe

Mac Callister said...

@kumag--hahaha magbabarko ako!

-mark- said...

ilang pikit lang june 1 na,ehe, maligayang pagbabalik kahit wala ka pa dito,hehehe

Mac Callister said...

@mark--hehe thankas!excited na nga ko umuwi