January 28, 2011

What About You?

These questions have been running and bugging me whenever they got a chance to, they just "popped out"! I tried to ignore it, but its so persistent, so guys, why don't you help me out? '

Am I the only one having this thoughts and actually do this? Lets compare answers! Game!

Do you honestly think, God created us? to be actually gay?

Yes or no?

I can't really answer this one. Honestly. How about you?

Do you even pray that God could give you a decent and loving guy to make you happy? or you're too ashamed to ask God about it when in fact they said in the bible that gays could burn in hell?

Yes or no?

I still pray. Do you?

Do you think you could still get married with a woman and have children? without the urge to get a guy and have sex with him?

Yes or no?

I could say yes. Why not. Its possible. How about you?

Do you still believe that maybe in the near future, gay could be totally accepted and respected in our country? and be married???

Yes or no?

Maybe in the year 2080? LOL. What do you think?

Are you afraid to get tested for HIV?

Yes or no?

Yes I am! are you that brave?

Do you apply powder on your face?

Yes or no?

I do! (pressed powder pa nga!hahaha). I have an oily face so, I apply frequently as discreetly as possible! LOL

Do you spit or swallow? I cannot believe I'm asking this haha!

Yes or no?

A big No-no-no! haha I just can't do it! I don't even like the guy coming inside my mouth what more to swallow it! *fainting*

Do you exchange saliva with your mate (not thru kissing ha!) like he's on top and he will drop a large portion of it on your waiting open mouth! haha

Yes or no?

For me, its no way! too gross! what about you?

Do you like to be given a bouquet of flowers from your boyfriend or suitor?

Yes or no?

I don't think so! You like the idea?

Do you have the guts to kiss your boyfriend in public?

Yes or no?

I can't!!! hahaha. kaya mo???

Do you kiss then suck d*ck then kiss and then rim and then kiss again?

Yes or no?

I'll leave that question for you to answer! hahaha

Good morning everyone! Have a great weekend!


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

inperness.. this is like the matalino side of you.,. ahaha.. questions bugging you tapos sinagutan mu na lang bigla.. hehehe

Mac Callister said...

hahaha! yeah its bugging me and i dont know if im the only one with that kind of answer, thats why i want to know peoples answer too! gaga!

Sean said...

mac andaming questions ha! yung una life question tapos yung huli tungkol sa kalibugan hahaha!

Mac Callister said...

@sean--haha pansin ko nga!e bakit bah sa yun ang tumatakbo sa isipan kong maganda!LOL

Ming Meows said...

hehe parang formspring

Virex said...

parang inde ko din kaya yung mag exchange ng laway as in itutulo sa bibig mo.. parang kadiri.. hehe..

i do swallow!! kasi malalasahan mo naman yung precum kaya alam mo na lasa nung real cum.. hehe.. and meron akong nalasahan na sobrang sarap.. as in yung "matamis" na shamod..

then about sa kissing sa public, im planning to do that to my partner if ever na magkaron.. ahaha..

Desperate Houseboy said...

So many questions but the answers are so few. choz :)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

echoing desperate houseboy. :)

the bible says that He made us in His image. I've always believed I was made this way.

thecuriouscat said...

Hahahaha natawa ako sa powder, ex ko nag introduce ng powder sa akin, ang mamahal pero worth it nmn

Nico said...

Ang hirap sagutin ng unang tanong kung ang paniniwala mo sa Diyos ay, for lack of a better word, hindi Biblical. Sa Bible, God completely detests homosexuality. It's in the laws passed down to Moses. Masyadong explicit ang pag lambast sa pakikipagrelasyon sa kapwa lalake, kaya mahirap ipagtugma ang Bible-based belief in God na handang pumarusa at paniniwala na ang Diyos ay nilikha ka with your welfare in mind kung ano ka ngayon, in this case, bading. However, one may argue that men who have sex with men do so with free will, and thus commit sin, and that we were originally created "clean." But what now, when you have committed the "sin?" Must you suffer eternal damnation? Apparently, you must, unless one argues that God is all-forgiving and willing to take you back, as Jesus said. I know, it's circular reasoning. But not really, when your faith relies on the Bible, in which case, men who have sex with men will surely go to hell.
For me, it's an existential issue. Anyway, I don't think God is responsible for our actions. And since our actions are part of who we are, then, God is not completely responsible for who we are, and in this case, for being gay. The question is -- what constitutes being gay? But that's beside the point, eh.

Anonymous said...

this is my own honest to goodness opinion...

1. i believe we are created equal, whatever is your orientation.

2. I pray in general... giving Him thanks and forgiveness for everything... asking for someone is just a bonus... i have one now. =)

3. i have no intention of getting married to a woman.

4. the word "totally" scares me... i dont know why... hahaha! i think yes. we can be accepted and respected... we cant really eradicate oppositions... its part of life.

5. oh hell yes!!! practicing safe sex always!

6. i dont apply face powder.

7. hahahahahaha! i'm laughing my lungs out! yeah, i do swallow! you should try it mac! hahahaha!

8. oh saliva... hmmm... never tried it...

9. i like flowers... can you include chocolates too???

10. yes. tried it already... celebrating new year with him in a hotel with the general public... hahaha! i did receive several stares and smile... i just ignored the discriminating stares and focus on the sweet smiles of most of the people. i really dont care... c'est la vie!

11. kiss then suck then kiss... but rim? hmmm...

i hope i did entertain you with my answers... take care mac!


Mac Callister said...

@ming--ano yun??sorry di ko na getz haha!

@virex--napatambling naman daw ako sa MATAMIS na lasa na sinabi mo!hahaha

@dHouseboy--kanta yan e!LOL

@citybuoy--salamat sa iyong wisdom godmother!LOL

Mac Callister said...

@the curious cat--hahaha i cant live without it na ever!

@nico--salamat sa effort mo na mag comment, I really do appreaciate you taking the time to leave a sensible comment like that..Thanks!!!

@anthony--waaaaaaaaa!!!!napatili ako sayo!hahaha!swallow???di kita maimagine! muntik na ko mahulog sa malambot kong couch!LOL

hmmp at sige wag ka na mainggit ikaw na masaya sa lovelife!hmmmp! :-)