January 5, 2011

My Shy Guy

I spotted him many weeks ago, a new staff nurse at the cardiac unit. I noticed the way he talks, the way his hand sways as he walk by, he is too silent, too shy... all led to my conclusion. He is gay.

And I like it! LOL

Let me call him hmmm, what shall I call him that's very close to his name...hmmm, alam ko na...Hardy...


It was not my area, at that time I was covering pediatric ICU, but it didn't stopped me for dropping by at the cardiac ICU. To hell with protocol! LOL

Well, my friend allowed me to be there and helped her anyway. Who would refuse some help right?

"I know why you're here!" she said with accusation

"I just wanna help you, I've finished early on my area!"

"Oh come on! He's on that side! Go on and flirt with him! You slut!" she was laughing while walking out on me.

I saw his patient, I took our folder and start checking the settings on the machine. I occupied his table so that he has no other choice but to say "excuse me" and come closer to me when he need something on his paper works! I did take my time. Took longer than it should be. I need to talk to him even with just a few words!

"Sir, his nebulizations are on hold because he is currently tachycardic..." he said. OMG! he was the one who actually spoke first! *fainting*

"But his cardiac rate is not that high now naman a, what is your base line bah?" I asked with a serious tone. I looked at his face while waiting for an answer. Surveyed his face actually. He is really cute. Moreno. lalake'ng-lalake ang dating...Those lips..hay...I wanna kiss them...

"ah.." he flipped his charts and looked for the vital signs record. It took him a while. I noticed he was unsure what to say to me. OMG, I didn't mean to scare him...nagpapa-cute lang ako sa tanong ko! LOL

Bago pa nga siya... I thought.

Many times I attempted to see him, but he was too shy. Hardly talks to me. Kainis! mapapanis laway ng ka-date nya! feeling i-date nya ko?hehe

The other day, I was assigned on the emergency room on the ground floor but I still managed to visit him at his unit at the 6th floor! lufet ko nakarating ako dun!

Nagagawa nga naman ng pagla-landi...

Once again, I pretend I was busy checking our files on his table. He was on the other side, I know he is waiting for me to finish, but damn, I took longer than usual and he still didn't talk to me! What's with this guy! grrrrrrrrrr! usok na ilong ko!LOL

He was going in and out of the room, as if he's really avoiding me...shit, I'm already rejected? hahaha. One pinoy dialysis nurse was also on the corner of the room and he was the one who tried to make a conversation with me. I noticed his bangs, too much effort on styling, too gay, I thought.

He was nice though. By the way where is Hardy???! hmmp! In my frustration, I left the area and started walking out of the ICU. A few meters after I closed the doors, I looked back, I don't know, I just looked back...

and there he was...


looking at me...looking at me?!

Shit!I caught him looking at me...


He did look at me while I was on my way out!!!
(hinahatid nya ko ng tingin???feelingero na din ako?hahaha)


I took the lift with a wide smile on my face...Yes!!!


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

january pa lang mac.. maagap pa maxado para kumiri.. ahahaha

joke lang..
gow gow gow!!!

Aris said...

kinilig din ako. hahaha! go go go! :)

Sean said...

hay naku. baka torpe lang siya. go na mac!

Nimmy said...

teenager na teenager lang Mac ah! hahaha

Echos Erita said...

Diana King, ikaw ba yan?

Well I don't somebody
Who's loving everybody
I need a shy guy
The kind of guy who'll only be mine.

Gusto ko ang mga ganung type. Pwede akin na lang?

Malandi ka!

[Nicolas] said...

Absolutly CUTE !!!

orally said...

mga dalawang bisita pa sa unit nya, magkakausap na kayo ng matagal.
sa pangatlong bisita, machuchupa mo na sya.
goodluck kapatid

ibañez said...

ahahah ang haba naman nang hair mo. . katorse!!!?nene?nene? . .ahahah . . malay mo sxa na

Mac Callister said...

@ceiboh--hahaha!ganun dapat start the year right!

@aris--hey salamat!!!

@sean--torpedo nga siya ever!hayy

@nimmy--hahaha oo nga parang di akong edad 31 kung maka harot!

Mac Callister said...

@erita--ako din,gusto ko yun mga tatahi-tahimik!mysterious at dangerous mga yan!LOL

@nicolas--hey thanks hehehe!

@orally--no comment nalang ako sa comment mo!LOL

@ibanez--yaan mo na feeling teenager ako hehe

Justine said...

umaawra ka na naman,
minsan nga mag pa admit ako dyan sa Hamad ng mkita ko ang mga cute na nurse dyan, syang din ang medical benefits ko kung di ko magagamit

kinilig said...

uy cute ng pagkakwento mo. kinilig tuloy ako ng sobra. update mo about this ha.

Virex said...

kulang lang siya sa kembot.. kembotin mo na kasi.. hehe..

JasonPaul said...

"..all led to my conclusion. He is gay."

haha. natawa ako dun.

so ano na ang mga huling kaganapan?

Mac Callister said...

@justine--sira ka ba?mas gusto mo pa magkasakit!haha pasalamat ka nalng healthy ka noh! pero pwde ka pa din punta din dalawin mo ko!dala ka na din ng flowers! (para talagang ako me sakit?LOL)

@kinilig--salamat naman sau kinilig!

@virex--hehehe mapapakembot ko din siya!sanaaaaaaaaa!

@jason paul--kasalukuyan ko pa siyang hinahunting ngayon, di kami magkasabay ng duty e!hehe

Ming Meows said...

ang landi mo talaga teh!