October 26, 2010


I was doing my rounds one afternoon at the ICU. I immediately spotted him. Orville, 28 years old, A private nurse to a patient in coma, machine dependent. He was pleasant to talk with, a nice guy though. He smells good too.

The next time I saw him, he was telling me how he missed going out with friends, like gimmicks and also dating girls...he said, its too difficult to get a date here in Doha, unlike in Manila. I agreed and laughed.

He continued talking to me and to my surprised he told me he also misses having sex! That its been quite a while since he had his last! His term was "tigang na tigang na nga ko e...", I laughed harder... you know me, if you talk about sex, I'm always interested LOL!

On my third time seeing him, he asked me if I knew someone available to hook up him with. He mentioned my single girl colleague, he saw her one time, asked me if she is looking for a date too. I told him, no way she will date him hahaha!

"If you know someone, please refer me to her! I'm single you know! Would you like to add me to your face book account? " He said and smiled at me. He gave me his real name and said, "did you get it? OK?" he added. But I forgot all about it when I got home.

When I saw him again was at the hallway, he was at the vendo machine I called him, "pssst, Orville!" he saw me and smiled! "How are you? We are now on a private room, my patient getting better now..."

"I know someone , a single girl to hook you up with! I mentioned you to her and she seems interested in meeting you!" I said. I was referring to a nurse named Elly 35 years old and been looking for the right guy since like forever LOL!

baka maging old maid ang lola nyo kaya help ko na!

"What's your number? I will give it to her right now!", I excitedly said. I gave the number to Elly immediately and she asked me some details how this guy looks. Some heads up, I said, he looks fine to me, decent, looks young, and smells really good!

But as soon as Orville got my number on the other hand, was bugging me how Elly looks, and what ifs..is-she-like-this...is-she-like-that-blah-blah. I told him he better meet Elly, or text her immediately.

After that I went home and didn't know what happens next!

Yesterday, I saw a missed call from Orville on my phone, its been 2 days since I last saw him. When I finally got the chance to see his patient during my rounds, I secretly asked him what happened between him and Elly.


Please tell me now!grrrr! I wanna know!

Nah! You're a kill-joy! anywayz, I called her last night.

Wait, were you calling me last night too, why?

Nah, you're not picking up...(he made a face)

I was asleep, moron! and I smiled. He's getting cuter every time I see him haha. I asked for his face book account once again to give it to Elly, but he said he needs to make a new one.

Fuck! You're married! Admit it!

Of course not!

So why you need to make a new one when you already have an existing FB account?

After some time talking about him and Elly, his next words caught me offguard:

"lets go out some time...I haven't been going out, lets have coffee or something..."

And I was like, whoa! What is this? Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I was so kiligggg
naman siyet! (got giddy) *Faint!*


I tried to composed my self and replied:" you don't have day offs, how could you go out?

I could have a day off whenever I want to noh.

Really, so you will asked the other guy to go on a 24 hr duty just to have your off?haha

Absolutely! and he laughed.

Treat me for a coffee, come on...

No payday yet. You treat me for coffee instead!

Haha! You're the one getting a pay of thousands of thousands here, you treat me for coffee. He teased.

No I'm not! Anyway, need to go, I have a bleep.

I run away from him with a sweet smile on my face. Clayton will kill me for this!LOL. Baby, I just wanna share this OK, I'm not doing anything bad. Be calm? Don't panic!!

Please help me analyze this guy. He easily gave his FB account to me earlier, but when he found out I will give it to Elly later, he refused to do so.


And why he wanted me to go out with him all of a sudden and not with Elly???

Is it me he really likes? Feeling! Or he thought I could be his easy sex partner?!

But my gaydar's not working properly! I think he's damn straight!

Oh my gosh, this post's so lame!


you-know-me-who said...

slow ka ba? di ba obvious na nilalandi ka ng baklang Orville na yan? Cute ba yan? sabihin mo umuwi siya ng Manila, papakin natin pareho. HAHAHAHA

Soltero said...

for sure, nde girl ang hanap nya ahaha ... ay pucha may natapakan akong buhok d2 sa cali! galing pa yta sa Doha! bwahahaha :p

Ming Meows said...

hala ka ta teh, magseselos si clayton.

Mac Callister said...

@you-know-who--si clayton ka ba??????????!LOL, umamin ka sasapakin kita hahaha!

@soltero--haha,wag mo tapakan kaka-rebond ko lang nyan!

@ming--wla naman ako ginawa kasalanan ko ba yayain ako,sa ganda ko ba naman!chos!!!

Virex said...

baka naman nakuha na niya yung gusto nya kay Ely.. thats why he wants to have coffee nalang with you..

on the other hand, baka naman gurlet din sya at gusto din nya makipag jerjer seo..

or baka bi siya at nakulangan siya kay Ely..

anyway, about sa inde pag bigay ng account, baka naman ayaw lang niya na may mag post sa wall nya na kakaiba, lalo na kung may jowa talaga siya sa pinas..

pero ayun.. naku, wak ka gagawa ng masama ahh.. kahit anung hatak seo.. ehehe..

Nimmy said...

umayos ka dyan. kukurutin ko nipples mo. nayahahah :P

orally said...

ate tikman na yan at wag nang i-blog, wag i-kwento kay clayton ang pangyayari.i-email mo na lang sakin.
charoz lang teh.

straight sya. promise

P I L Y O said...

teh, bakla sya at type ka nya. Tikiman kau bilis!


Kane said...


You really like this guy huh. Or at least, enough to write about him =)

Ang sarap ng pakiramdaman na hindi mo alam kung ano talaga. Nakaka tense na nakaka excite.

Sasabihin ko sana balitaan mo kami, but then again, kung may balita man, malamang hindi mo na ikukuwento dito. (Hehe)


Anonymous said...

aynaku... ang daming theories... go na sa coffee at ilahad mo na lang para magkaalaman na! go sago!

Justine said...

hay nko baka sa bandang huli eh maging kyo, learn how to read between the lines hehehehe

Mac Callister said...

@justine--naku hindi no,i love clayton.im just puzzled by this guy thats why.

@hondafan--hahaha naku wag na,nagtext na asawa ko! may death threat ako LOL!

@kane--just want to ask ur opinions lang thats why i wrote entry about him...but nothing serious,and besides im contented with what clayton's giving me.....

@pilyo--waaa!di pwde!

@orally--haha natawa ako!

@nimmy--eto nga behave na!

@virex--tama ka jan!

Mister Secrecy said...

if opportunity comes, don't let it pass... masarap ang straight!!! joke!!! jeje... team clayton pa din...

Mac Callister said...

@mr.secrecy--hahaha manloloko ang mga straight! (may galit?!)

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

he seems gay but then again, i know a few guys who sleep with gay people when they can't get any from girls. baka di siya naka homerun kay elly.

hard2getxxx said...

baka bumigay din yan sa huli

intay ka lang

or iseduce mo hahahhaha

Ivan said...

I'm an open reader here po. Cool Blog of yours. it gets me so interesting po. :) Obvious naman eh! ^^,