July 24, 2009


It was 9 in the morning and I was on duty at the surgical ICU that day,after I finished all of my tasks, I was about to go back to our unit to rest and wait for any calls from my assigned area, as I was walking the hallway, there he is...on the phone...smiling...like an apparition in front of me...

And I was like "Oh My God!" he is so damn cute!!!! LOL

He was walking in front of me, he was wearing their traditional Arab dress which is up to their feet long. And that red checkered cloth on top of his head added the effect of his looks being so divine! (see traditional Arab clothes here)

I lowered down my eyes and I can see from my x-ray visions that he was not wearing briefs...his d*ck was like a pendulum shifting from left to right side of his leg as he walk...so hotttttttttt!!!

if I'm not mistaken this is what they wear underneath

He was the best looking guy I saw in this country so far! He is tall, and slender and so BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm lost for words to describe for this cutie!

I think he is about 25 years old, as I walked pass him, his smell left in the air and I was like stunned!Hypnotized!

And I cant get enough!!!hahaha I was hungry that time and just the sight of him made me forget all about my cravings to eat so i decided to follow him wherever he will be going on this side of the hospital! Gosh I have the stalking capability LOL!

I just want to see more of him, nothing else, I just like looking at him for a few more minutes that's what I told myself. It was like I'm just cruising. I can compare this to window shopping, right!that's right window shopping! (defensive)

I made a little distance from his back so that he wont notice that I'm stalking I mean checking him out haha, as I was walking behind this beautiful creature this country has ever produced i noticed someone very familiar in front of my Arab...coming towards me...

My Jordanian senior staff!!!

What the hell is he doing here downstairs??? he's supposed to be upstairs!LOL

So my hap-penis was ruined at the site of my superior!

Its too late to avoid him he already saw me and he looked puzzled!

He greeted me and put his arms around my shoulders and asked me where I'm going, that my area is on the other side.

"I didn't realized I was heading the wrong way sir, its a good thing I saw you!" this was what I told him instead! And I took a peek of my favorite Arab and he was gone huhu

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Anyway I wanna share to you some photosI have taken when i was at my favorite mall here in Qatar so far, Villagio. I think this is same place Boys over Flowers shot their few episodes.

The ceiling is so amazing!

And this part of the mall I love most, they have a river inside just like in Italy. And look at the roof, its a fake sky and it seem so real!Lovely!

This is the view from my room at the 6th floor

and this is me feeling emo at the hospital window LOL!


Summer said...

Oh i thought that sky above is real..lol And you really follow the arab man?! =D Hahaha stalker kana nga cguro jan hahaha Just kidding friend. More photos pls. =D

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Ingrid said...

haha, wow what an adventure :D
I love your blog and the whole concept :)

thank you for sharing your story :)


Mac Callister said...

@summer--hehe oo i followed him like my feet has its mind haha!yeah that sky is not real and its so beautiful when ur inside that mall

@ingrid--hey ingrid welcome to my blog and thanks for liking it hehe.

dencios said...

kulit! :D

Mac Callister said...

@dencios--haha saya nga e!

marvin said...

ahahaha! stalker stalker!sobrang cute tlga ng mga arabic men. i wonder pag sabay sabay silang nagpakita sa 'yo...hahaha! sinong una mong ii-stalk? :p

gillboard said...

nice photos.. hope I'd get to visit that country in the future... just for vacation though... hehehe

Mac Callister said...

@marvin--sinabi mopa!baka mabaliw na ako nun pag sabay sabay sila LOL!

@gillboard--hehe ayaw mo mag work dito no haha

Tizzz said...

Hahaha... U have X-Ray vision.
Beware Guys!!! Mac gonna see through ur clothes. LOL

RaYe said...

hehe.. astig... di nya na-feel na you were following him?

Lyka Bergen said...

Kakaines kah! I miss my Dubai Adventures na tuloy! Tse!

ibañez said...

hekhekhek tinago mo tlg mukha mo ah . . . at . . . .window shopping tlg ang ginamit na word ah . . hekhekhekhek . . .hay nku kaw tlg . . .. naging stalker for a day

Anonymous said...

Wow! San ka sa Qatar? Marami tayo dito! Ang sasarap nila diba? Tska imbes na tumingin ka sa mukha nila, napapatinign ka tlga sa judinggabells nila, nag-se-sway sa bawat lakad. Tska kapag nagdadrive ka sa gabi, tignan mo sa pagtawid nila, see through! Ahahaha.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i can definitely say u work at a well known hospital... hmmm sumwer in doha...

Mac Callister said...

@tizz--yeah haha beware!

@raye--hindi kasi he is busy on the phone haha

@lyka--wow nag dubai ka pala!balik ka na!

@ibanez--hehe sympre para mysterious!LOL

@anonymous--talaga?di ko pa sila nakita sa gabi na tumatawid!dito ako sa doha mismo?ikaw?email mo ko haha.

Anonymous said...

wow! umandar na ang radar ni mac....hehehehe....ingatz .....

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! Ang yayummy di ba? Kaso mga Qatari di ganon kasarap. Mas bet ko ibang arabo... Kapit bahay ko lang ang Villagio. Gurrl, chika tayo. YM mo ko. wacowhackedup.

Joyo said...

haha... lolz dito marami gnyan nyahaha... nasesense ko din yung nasense mo wahaha!

Anonymous said...

eto tanong lang ha..

since mainit sa qatar at balot na balot sila, wala ba silang amoy?yung parang amoy indian ba?

tanong lang yan macmac.

Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil--ilan lang ang qatari na may amoy madalas mababango sila kasi may mga kaya naman sila e,pero indian talaga pare pareho amoy,amoy-putok!LOL

AJ said...

naku Mac, magsasawa ka dyan hehe.. normal lang ang ganyan sa mideast.
pero syempre ingats, baka CID iyong iba dyan, lol! o kaya rapist hehe..

kaw talga....rgds,

ps: sana pakita ka na sa susunod.

the geek said...

certified stalker ka na.wahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was very amused by your post about stalking a handsome Arab guy.

Years ago, I worked in the Middle East in a moderate Arab country. I had a lot of Arab friends because I was with the medical staff of the hospital which was located in a province with a police academy and a military academy. There was a boarding school for high school kids. The guys mostly looked great.

Months after, I met a patient named Baruth who was tall, young (about 22) and a member of the army. He played football. I took extra care of him and when he got well, he started dropping by my villa as a barkada.

Once he said he was very tired because he had just come from a game of football. This was my chance and I offered to give him a massage. I suggested that he take off his Arab dress for a better massage. Beneath the Arab dress he wore what looked like a tapis.

To make the long story short, I got to massage him in the area of the groin where I noticed he had a hard on. Arabs are huge and his was super. I asked him to turn around. By this time, he knew my "intentions". This was my first time with an Arab and it took me about 6 months without sex to muster the courage to do it with one.

Arabs are very liberal with same sex "sex". In the country where I was, the young boys usually cannot have sex without marrying and they could not marry without paying a dowry. In the provinces, and this was years ago, people could not immediately afford to come up with a dowry, which was about $20,000.00. So, we had cases were young first year boys in high school were "done" by the seniors. I asked one friend once when was his first time and he said in high school, with a "walad", young boy. Thus, at the height of their sexual prowresses, male to female sex is unavailable and unless they've had the opportunity to travel to Bangkok or the sex spots in Asia, they had to do this among themselves, with walads or with their homosexual counterparts. Thus, you hear of a lot of Filipino gays with "great" experiences in the Mid East. The sex is free , the guys are stunning and Arabs have among the biggest cocks in the world.

I don't know about the country where you are in but just open your eyes. W. Thiesiger, the great British explorer observed that homosexual practice is common in the Arab world. lawrenceof Arabia enjoyed Arabia for a reason, and it was not girls. The country where I was was not Saudi Arabia, but even in Saudi, you hear these stories. If you are young and attractive, you'ld be attractive to them and they will come to you.

Good luck and enjoy.

Mac Callister said...

@anonymous--wow!too bad u didnt give your name hehe,thats a great thing to share here!

email me sometime haha my email is displayed here on my page

Anonymous said...

Mc Callister. Read Manila Gay Guy in the thread In pursuit of straight men. I posted my experience there. My handles are Caloy or Jud and the country I was in was Oman, same moderate profile as Qatar.

I was fortunate to be among the first Filipino professionals in that country, and, because I was the only Filipino for miles around, I developed a lot of Omani friends. After Baruth, I had a lot more -all full blooded straight guys. Anonymous