September 23, 2010

Looking For A Job Abroad?

How did you get a job abroad?

How can you apply for a job online?

Well some are asking, and I wanna share to you how I got a job here in the middle east.

I was working my ass off at my former hospital back there in the Philippines, and still getting very low pay. I thought, I didn't deserved it! I could have more.

A friend told me how much they earned working there, but I was reluctant because, middle east was extremely hot! and very much a Muslim country! I won't enjoy working there, I told them.

She just answered me you have a dream? Own your house? Buy anything you want? Do you wish to help your family? Do you wish of giving them better life? You can't have them while you're stuck in here...

It hit me. Its been five years since I started working here and yet, I haven't have a single penny on my bank account! I can't save up for my future. My salary was just enough to pay all my basic needs and couldn't even share some to my family. Its awful.

So I made a decision: I will apply for a job abroad. But not in Saudi Arabia! definitely not! LOL. Somewhere not so strict I said, an open city like Dubai or Qatar perhaps.

So I sat in front of my laptop and went to the:

(1) POEA website. I want it to be legal and safe.
(2) clicked on online services at the right side.
(3)clicked approved job orders.
(4) saw three links: approved job orders by position, by country and by agency.
(5)I clicked on them and typed in my title on the search bar. I found tons of results.
(6)I listed those recruitment agencies on a piece of paper. I narrowed it down to a shorter lists.
(7)I started visiting those agencies websites. There's a link wherein you could check if that agency is legal or not on the POEA website as well. (click here)
(8)I only picked agencies who are not asking for placement fees. I found three. Mahirap ang buhay now noh, kaya dapat yun walang placement fees and piliin!
(9)I updated my resume. Took new photos too, yun cute LOL!
(10) I submitted my resume online. Visit them personally too, sometimes, they appreciate a personal submissions, you know!
(11)I waited. And go on with my life. Prayed too! O di ba, nagdadasal din ako noh!

After a month, two of the three agencies called me. The other one bound for Dubai and the other in Doha. Asking me to submit this and that. That one in Dubai was promising. An American hospital, I said wow! But i have too get through a lot of interviews and exams. I was on my 2nd interview when the agency going to Doha called me again, and asking me to send my resume to their email again. I did.

After a month. I was told that out of 5o applicants I was one of 5 being picked and about to be offered a contract!

I was like whoa! Whats this? No interview? No exams? is this true??? Just my resume and my credentials????

Of course, I asked the agency about it. They said, they are picking applicants based on educational background, years of work experience, seminars attended and etc.

Was my credentials that good? Toinks!

After almost six months of preparing the necessary documents and requirements. I'm finally here in Doha, having a good time and the rest is history.

I hope this post helps.


Virex said...

nice.. naalala ko tuloy yung sa agency ko ngayun... ehehe.. interview, then second interview, then after a week, nasa japan na ako..

siguro inde lang credentials tinitignan.. sa ganda ba naman natin, kahit sino kukunin kagad tayu.. if i know, pics lang yung tinignan nila, and not the credentials..

Charltoninho said...

hey mac! musta na? just want to ask kung alam mo ba ung al emadi hospital dyan sa doha?

kasi may offer si ate sa hospital na yun. can you share your thoughts about the hospital?


Mac Callister said...

@chartoninho--yeah i know it,my friend's wife working there,minsan dun kami nagbe-breakfast kasi mas maganda canteen at mas masarap dun kumain!

alam mo maganda dun,parang hotel,pang mayaman siya,compared sa hospital ko,kasi kami gov't e,pero mas mababa sahod dun,un lang ang downside....

Anonymous said...

mac pwede malaman ano ang agency mo sa pinas?? im here in saudi arabia working.. malapit na matapos mga 4 mosna lang..

Mac Callister said... me at send ko sau yun name at address ng agency ko...